Customer service – PLDT this time

A friend’s phone had been busted for months, weeks, days and she was thinking of having it disconnected. As I knew there were certain requirements attendant to the process, I offered to find out via 171. Prior to that, I also volunteered to check if PLDT has an office in SM Megamall still.

Years back, we wanted our phone disconnected. SO I asked I don’t remember whom exactly, perhaps information, whether I could have it done in their Megamall office, remembering the existence of one at the back of building A. I was told that office was no more. Informed we live in QC, she suggested having the procedure done in their SM North office.

Having become a habitue of SM Megamall (Okay, for just 2 or 3 consecutive weeks — that I feel makes me entitled to call myself a habitue, when the question arose where my friend was concerned, I thought perhaps the office was no longer there. My husband confirmed my “suspicion” recalling the SM North trip he had to make.

But when I googled, I found this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 22.15.52


Take note – it’s a Cebu-based website.

So I called the number but got the message, “The number you dialed is not yet in service.” As I get that sometimes when I call a number that no longer exists, I tried calling 171. The girl said they still have an office in Megamall. When I asked where exactly, she ignored my question. I didn’t push it, planning to call SM Megamall’s trunk line, but as I had to look for its number still, I decided to call 171 again. A different person took my call and “confirmed” that they no longer have an office in Megamall. She said they have in Boni Serrano. When she found out I live in QC, she suggested SM North.

Meanwhile, my friend who needed to have her line disconnected texted that PLDT has an office in Megamall and she’d check it out. That was yesterday.

This morning she texted — she was in PLDT’s office on the fourth floor of Megamall.

Okay, doesn’t this story remind you of another service provider? GLobe, maybe?



Speaking of which, husband wondered whether there’s a Philippine website that’s up to date, current, etc. Like Amazon is, for example?

Last week, I googled ERGO as I wanted to filch pictures of the chair and table I bought, too lazy to take pictures of those already delivered. Uh-oh, last update of their website was 2012.

Are Filipinos really so lazy?

Like promos pertaining to a period in the past are not deleted so one gets excited, only to realize what one is reading is a thing of the past. 



3 thoughts on “Customer service – PLDT this time

  1. I guess there really are people who relish challenging the equanimity of other people, and strangely, a number are in customer service. Part of their job description? By the way who enlightened you on the location of PLDT in Megamall?

    • Googled PLDT office. Saw that the website was dated 2014, so I thought it was worth a try. No number posted that i could have called to verify. So when we reached 4/f of Mega B, nag store hopping na lang ako (left my mom by the elevator until I found the office). It’s along the cyberpsace alley near the parking area.

  2. Filipinos are myopic, having no foresight…no hindsight even? Living in the present. Always. Haha!

    Pikon ako. After having my request for disconnection processed, I had to pay for the period my dad’s line was in service but without queueing anymore in the PLDT-assigned cashier, or so I was told. Ten or so customers had been served in the SMART-assigned cashier (none yet in PLDT cashier) and still I stood there waiting to be called for payment. When I followed up my transaction, the cashier said, “ma’am sandali na lang”, holding a long list of something which she was cross-checking with her computer screen. Pissed, I asked if the list was connected with my transaction and I that all I had to do was to pay Php413.32 indicated already in my billing statement. Equally pissed, she said no and processed my payment. It did not take us 2 minutes to finish my payment…and she let me wait for 15 minutes? Hello, frontliner siya, dapat inuuna ang customer service. As I always say in situations like this, and which I said aloud before leaving, “sana nag-iisip”.

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