This morning, after reading this post of Chuvaness, various memories came to mind.

One – years back, Kuh Ledesma was interviewed. She said something like even if her cook stole some of the money for her marketing, she’d not get rich.

Two – a sister of mine came home unexpectedly one night and saw her maid about to go out of their apartment, bringing a bowl of Lucky Me. For her boyfriend.

Three – I was still ambulant. Our old cook went to visit her relatives not too far from the house. Because i fancied myself to be simple and a friend of the help, clad in maong and a Don Juan T-shirt my father had made after he was stranded along with several others in some island because of a typhoon, I went with the cook. Her relatives had not seen me in ages, they didn’t recognize me. I saw on one of the steps of their stairs, listening to their stories. Then one relative handed our cook an empty Magnolia ice cream half gallon container. She said as she did so, “salamat sa salad.” Days previous to that, we had had a party in the house. And salad was one of the items served.

I didn’t bother to ask the cook what that was all about, but I was certainly the wiser. I think eventually, the relatives found out I was the daughter of the boss and were aghast.


Is this vignette somehow related? Yesterday, I went out to lunch with HHB. We had it in Healthy Shabu-Shabu. Ordered Wagyu beef set, my favorite, and two extra orders of squid balls. I was done and HHB said only the corn and a squid ball I saw her scoop out was left, plus the two kinds of noodles I had her add.

Last night, I meant to give that to HHA so she could try what HHB and I had for lunch. HHB had been told about this plan after we ate. But HHA was surly. After laying the dinner on the table, she’s supposed to put food on my plate and hand it to me. But she went out. Sometimes she does that to get ice for my water; I buzzed for her. When she came back, I asked her if she was doing anything. She said, “wala”. That meant she was just being difficult.

So I didn’t give the leftover to her last night. And this noon I had it for lunch.

Aside from the corn, noodles and squid ball was one other squid ball and a big slice of wagyu beef.

Go figure. (HHB thought I wasn’t going to see it because it would be given to HHA, I guess.)

Cans of worms are sometimes unearthed when one ventures beyond the surface.


4 thoughts on “Cooks

  1. Grabe, ano? I don’t think they even feel that it’s wrong. Ganyan din helpers ko dati. Kaya pala nagtataka ako ang bilis maubos ng grocery namin. Nung wala na kaming helper, yung dati na weekly ako bumili ng bigas, umaabot na ng 2 weeks.

    • Hahaha, if my friend C reads this, she will relate.

      A friend once said her maid went on a day off. My friend went inside the maid’s room. Daming imported na sabon et al. Filched from the amo’s stash.

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