Lechon on my mind

Yesterday, in Shang, we were going past Cibo when HHB said, “Uy ka cute sang lechon.” True enough, there was a tiny but complete lechon in a glass enclosure. I guess that means CIbo now offers lechon de leche or some variation of the same.

On our way home from EDSA, we passed by Chico. First I saw “original bulalohan” bannered by one house. Two houses away, another banner said as much. Filipino crab mentality, I thought.

Onward to Xavierville Avenue. I was looking for Elar’s when I saw Lydia’s Lechon! Really? As in there’s a Lydia’s Lechon in the neighborhood and I wasn’t aware? What a travesty. Then I thought – so Elar’s is gone? A few  steps away, there was Elar’s. Couldn’t help but think the FIlipino crab mentality is alive and thriving.

But as one saying goes, the more, the many-er, er.. the merrier.

So one of these days, I’ll yet have Lydia’s Lechon deliver.

Sad though I didn’t see a land line, just a cellphone number. And if you might know by now, I don’t like using my cellphone to make calls. I get stressed out by how much a call costs.


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