Buying a wheelchair in Mercury Shang

Last Wednesday, when HHB learned we’d be going out, she suggested I get a new wheelchair to replace what I use when I bathe. I said yes, aware that it was rusty and old.

I called Mercury Shang and learned the cheapest was P5k. Oh? Price decrease? The one I bought of the sut I same kind was P9k, I think.

So when we got to Mercury, the person in charge showed me the wheelchair, I paid P5k and had it loaded in the Wheelmobile.

When we got home, husband said “the arm rests are not detachable.” Oops.

When we positioned the wheelchair beside our bed, it was a tad too high for the HHs to be able to transfer me into and out of the bed.

I was resigned to having bought something I couldn’t use or could use only when son and husband would be around. Then it occurred to me to call Mercury  if I could have it replaced. They didn’t have an alternative wheelchair within the said price range; but I could get an equivalent amount of whatever from the store.

This pm we went there to return the wheelchair. The man in charge wasn’t around but told the next shift to expect me. How efficient of him. Pity I don’t know his name.

So there, I’m happy not to be stuck with a wheelchair I couldn’t use.

As for the replacement I need… I’ll just have to wait for Mercury to have it or look elsewhere.


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