Ippudo in SM Fashion Hall, 3rd level

Sept. 10, when I had the Wheelmobile, I was aware Ippudo would be opening its doors for the first time. But as I wasn’t with husband and son, I didn’t feel inclined to try it yet.

Yesterday evening, having planned to try to return the wheelchair and possibly go to Globe if the unit would still not be delivered (it wasn’t), I asked son if he wanted to have dinner in Ippudo. He was game. A friend of his had gone there the other evening, he said, and was able to get in after an hour’s wait.

So, after our business with Globe was done, we crossed to the East Wing of Shang on the ground floor, went down to the Lower Ground and exited near the entrance of the parking building. We then wheeled/ walked to Megamall. The steps are intimidating but there’s a good ramp on the side whose gradient is just right.

Took the elevator to level 3 and saw a long line that ran from the front of the resto to a side perpendicular. One hour, son had said his friend waited. What’s one hour?

As I am not too keen shopping in SM Megamall Fashion Hall ( I don’t seem to find too many things I need or want there), I told son and husband to go around while HHB and I would line up. After some hemming and hawing, they agreed.

Things were looking upbeat at first. The line moved an inch at a time, the manager of Ippudo came and offered lemonade or green tea. A lady asked how many we were and if everyone was around. Refused the drinks,  decided to say my novenas in my phone. There were stores in front of where we waited but they weren’t the type where I had things I needed or wanted – athletic shops, mostly.

As I waited, I saw son’s friend, the one who had recommended it and waited an hour days previously. Texted son who called and said he and his father could see me; they were a floor up. He didn’t see the friend i was referring to but saw another friend. Before long, he and his father came, by which time a store personnel had wheeled me in front of the resto, not to enter it but to wait. HHB stayed in line. Husband and son joined me in front of the resto.

The line moved faster it seemed but see, it’s not first come first served strictly in the sense that if a group of 4 has lined up after a group of 6 but a table for four is emptied before a table of six is, the group of 6 gets in first, ergo, we waited for two hours total to get in. Close to 9 pm already. Seriously.

Luckily the food was good. Ordered the pork buns, one for each of us – this was served quickly, a bowl of ramen each: the simplest for HHB and husband, the one with miso for me, the spicy one for son; the bowls are color coded: white, red and black. The names of the different flavors are difficult to remember so you can just refer to them by the color of the bowl the next time around. We also ordered a curry roll – ground pork with cheese and a curry dip. Nice.

I was happy with the ramen, so were husband and son. But as with all ramen, I barely touched mine because I cannot bend over the bowl too much, eating the ramen’s long strands is difficult.

Taste wise, Ippudo’s is the best I’ve had so far.

Service is pleasant, it’s difficult to get mad.

Plus the food more than makes up for the long wait.

When we went out after dinner, the line was as long as when we arrived. That was 9:20 pm.


6 thoughts on “Ippudo in SM Fashion Hall, 3rd level

  1. Hihihihi. Baka naibsan ang hinagpis nya kung binigyan mo sya ng Mentos. Kasi nung bayaran ng tuition last August, ang haba din ng pila, and yung katabi ko, binigyan nya kami ng candies and medyo sumaya kami ng konti despite the misery sa pila.

    • I was near getting angry na, kasi I was so hungry. And there was this other girl, she was overtaken by so many others because her 3 other companions hadn’t arrived. I almost shared my Mentos with her (di ba parang may commercial na ganun? Or Kitkat lang ba?)

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