Marian Rivera had people in tears

Today, 13 Sept 2014, Marian Rivera, Wally, Paolo and Jose went to a house of a Mary Ann in Brgy 178, Zone 15, Tondo. Mary Ann is taking care of a young man with cerebral palsy who was abandoned by her mother. While the three men were interviewing Mary Ann, Marian was busy on the side, away from the camera, interacting with the CP victim. She gave him her watch, promised a wheelchair and was turning her back to the camera because she was crying, out of pity for the kid whom she said could understand what she was saying. Before long, the cameras focused on Joey and Vic in the studio. It was apparent that Joey was crying, so with members of the audience, myself here at home and many others, I am sure.

According to Marian, when she was a student she spent several months with children with disabilities, hence she could empathize with this child, I guess.

So there.

Dingdong is one lucky man. Some people may think otherwise because Marian is not as refined, as sosyal, as schooled as his previous girlfriend, maybe. But Marian has a lot of heart.

IN the long run, does that not count more?


4 thoughts on “Marian Rivera had people in tears

  1. I think they are perfect for each other, balance and round each other. She’s all supportive of him, as he is of her. Saka she’s a psychology degree holder naman (from the Green School) and not exactly illiterate.
    Baka kasi K is an alumnus of the Blue School kaya the people in D’s workplace are partial to her.

  2. You know that I wasn’t a fan before, as I find her a bit maldita. But then, napansin ko, she’s only maldita to people who are awful to her and she is quite compassionate to those not as fortunate as her.
    Her haters are quick to diss her, saying she’s not good in English, or that, yes, not as refined, but she seems real and unpretentious.

    • Husband is impressed with her and gets quietly irked when people diss her in his workplace, saying it’s kind of stupid for D to have chosen her as replacement for K.

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