Dining at SM Aura

Yesterday, after dropping off son at the airport (a 45-minute trip from Katipunan to Naia, praise God), husband and I hied off to SM Aura where he wanted to find a few things with which to make a statement shirt for something in school.

It was half past 10 in the morning when we got there, but I thought it best that we ate first as the crowd might be too big at lunch time. Husband wanted something Italian but when we passed by the Italian resto, it was closed still – they open at 11, so we moved on. Then he saw a sign that read something like “Japanese food at 50% off”. We peeped through the glass door where several personnel were lined up for their morning briefing. Soon a lady came out and said “3 minutes.” When she finally let us in, we were excited.

Matzusaka beef at 50% off, some sashimis and sushis at 50% off, what’s not to like? We ordered the matzusaka beef, yellow tin tuna sashimi, scallops sashimi, fried rice and gindara teriyaki, the last two items not at 50% off.

Everything tasted so good we vowed to take son there when he comes back. Our orders are shown below (note though that Kimpura’s fried rice tastes a little bit better):

Scallops sashimi

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

For dessert we went to Paul’s on the ground floor and had these:

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)

The dessert on top is napoleones with chocolate creme; the one below was husband’s order – Americano with a small slice of chocolate cake, a mini creme brulee and two tiny macarons (hidden somewhere and not captured in the picture).

I wished they had put some nuts on the chocolate cake and/or napoleones, for a more interesting taste. Husband loved the coffee but was not impressed with the creme brulee. One of the macarons was coconut-flavored so he enjoyed that.

Will we go back to Paul’s? Likely but we’ll order different items next time. The place is always full, so perhaps it has a charm we have yet to discover?


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