Mispronouncing words

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I think we were in grade school or high school when I used the word mishap pronouncing it thus: mi-shap. A classmate reacted but didn’t correct me outright, bless her soul. So I checked and found out it is supposed to be pronounced as mis-hap. Face palm.

When I was teaching my students snickered when I said stifle, pronouncing it with a long i. Like so:


They muttered loud enough for me to hear, steefle (the way one would pronounce steeple but with an f). I let them be. I hope by now they will have realized they were wrong.

I’ve been using the word prefix a lot and pronouncing it with a short “e”. What do you know, Carmina Villaroel, pronounced it with a long e in one of her commercials and I was stunned. Why didn’t they correct her, I wondered.

Then I checked in google and realized, it was I, yes, I, who had been mistaken all these years. FACE PALM.



4 thoughts on “Mispronouncing words

  1. Hahahaha! Di ko ma-imagine yung guttural sound ng German with the lambing of Ilonggo accent.
    Occidental sana ang ma-acquire nya, but Oriental pwede na rin. I didn’t realize yung kawalan ng lambing ko magsalita until somebody (from my hometown) called me and I was initially taken aback kasi nung una akala ko eh inaaway ako sa phone, eh normal conversation lang naman pala. Then naisip ko, siguro I sound like that kasi ang bilis kong magsalita.

  2. Si S, nangko-correct ng pronunciation, maski sa teachers. Nggiiiii…makakainisan ‘yun. Kung magsalita pa naman, may tone of “taray,” compounded ng bilis nyang magsalita. (Parang yung nanay. Hehehe) I’m still hoping na medyo makuha nya ang lilt ng voice ng mga Negrense.

    • Talaga, you want her to acquire it? Oriental or Occidental? Once when we visited my sister in Germany, she was speaking on the phone in German. Kahit ako na pa smile. Just imagine German words uttered with an Ilonggo accent!

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