Paint by Numbers

My Work Education grade and my PE grade were always my lowest marks in school. My sister would always chide me when I colored because more often than not, the strokes came from all directions and would go beyond the outline of what I was coloring.

I did like to draw sometimes, copying the figures of a blue bag I had (I think it  had a child cowboy, a policeman, etc) and was proud of a few attempts. But such occasions were few and far between. And I preferred to do drawings of something already drawn rather than anything from memory or 3D.

Time was when I was doing this x-stitch project (not the latest, something earlier) and was taking so long I said, I wish I knew how to paint, this would be finished earlier if I just painted the thing. But of course, I knew then as I know now that painting is just not in me.

How many times have I longed to embark on a paint by numbers project but whenever I’d look at the sample on the box, I’d quiver and forego the plan. There were just too many intricate portions I knew I’d make a mess of.

Last Sunday, though, as husband was looking at paints for a DIY project he was hoping to embark on (a peace-themed shirt), I saw this in National Bookstore:

photo (1)

As it cost less than P200, I bought it.

This morning, I opened the thing and was happy that the surface I was to paint on was not paper but something like an illustration board with the design on it. So far, this is what I have accomplished:


Give me a break, don’t enlarge the photo. It has many flaws:

a) I haven’t outgrown my propensity to pain beyond the outline.

b) I don’t know how to work with acrylic paint. Do I have to dilute it?

c) Some portions need the paints to be mixed. I don’t know how to estimate. Look at the sky. Have you ever seen such a sky? I’m sure never.

Is it just me? I’m about to run out of white paint… should I have diluted the  supply provided? And I called Fully Booked, they only have pastel paint.

WIll I abort this project? I don’t think so. But to be able to continue painting those areas where white paint is required, I’ll have to buy some more. National Bookstore in Katipunan is sure to have it, maybe tomorrow I can have HHB buy.

But the traffic, oh the traffic.


While looking at stuff in NBS last Sunday, I also saw this:

photo (2)

It’s an Art Attack project. I remember having watched Art Attack on TV several times and enjoying it. But why this?

Back in grade 3, I think, we had a project similar to this, a little. We made stuffed animals. Mine was a brown monkey with a blue vest and some red trimmings. It was a mess, I think? Or did our yaya Raquel help me out? Oops, I hope m y Work Ed teacher doesn’t read this.

I opened the pack as I waited for the acrylic paint to dry. The pink yarn looks insufficient. Arrgh. I hope not. Imagine to buy a whole ball of yarn for a few stitches left to be done, if ever?

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