Two New Restos in Esteban Abada

when we passed by Esteban Abada in Loyola Heights in the Wheelmobile, I noticed two new restos on the right side, across the car wash. One was particularly impressive. It was no hole in the wall, it was huge and looked spiffy. It looked like it wasn’t a neighborhood resto but one located in a commercial district.

Beside it was another resto.

Sui or any one who reads this and has seen them, any idea what those restos are about? Who owns them? Etc.?

Yesterday, when husband passed by the street, he was similarly floored by their presence and said “may 2 restaurants na bago sa Esteban Abada.” He even took photos but the signage didn’t seem lit or he took photos from a wrong angle, so we remain clueless.

I googled and found nothing.

The photos husband took:

2014-09-17-1905[1] 2014-09-17-1906[1]


3 thoughts on “Two New Restos in Esteban Abada

  1. Hahaha, what a funny coincidence of sorts that you mentioned Third District. I just really want to share this, if I may. On my bday last week of Sept, my son after getting his report card from school, treated me to a surprise bfast with his allowance in that place–nothing fancy or pretentious but yes, we had a good bfast of pancakes with strawberries on top and french toast with some sprinkling of cinnamon. Bread was thick & I know they get their coffee from Canada, that’s what I learned from the crew (as I think Sam Milby comes from Canada), quaint bfast place you might want to try out with your son, tell me about it. 🙂

  2. Funny because we hardly pass that area as we turn to Katipunan from our street. The other day, passed Esteban Abada and realized belatedly that I forgot to look. I did look at Sam Milby’s The Third District, though. HAve you been there? I’m not a coffee person, is there anything for me in it?

  3. Hi! I have the same observation & my immediate thought was to ask you, so there, now am still clueless. NO traffic in that part of Abada so I could not stop & check it out. But yes, looks nice noh 🙂 that place which used to look like it was made of mostly coconut logs puzzles me as to what it really is…

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