Jang Bori is Here

Now on its 46th episode, Jang Min Jung still has the upper hand. She plots, is derailed a bit, comes up with another plot, lies, fools the olds, her husband, her mom.

Why do all the other characters not have enough brains and wiliness to beat her at her game? For forty-six episodes now, give or take a few, she has been “winning”. She has been outsmarting everyone.

It is frustrating… is this indicative of how evil now triumphs so easily?

Another thing – don’t people lock their gates or houses in South Korea? In episode 46, at least two people are able to enter someone else’s house, one succeeds in getting something because the gate was just wide open.

How convenient.

Oh well. I will finish this series to the end, by which time I hope Jang Bori and all the rest who’re good people emerge victorious and are vindicated.


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