Rainy/Stormy Weather

This type of weather we’re now experiencing–a whole lot of rain– brings back ambivalent memories:

a. of our high school retreat in Kanlaon – in Lacson ranch. On our way up, the vehicle we rode in refused to budge at a certain point – the path was too steep and there were too many of us in it, so we had to walk the rest of the way. Then in the evening, stormy weather. Luckily we came equipped. We had our bull session in the gazebo, our parkas keeping us dry.

b. of being in Queen’s Supermarket in Aurora with Mama – classes had been called off, Mama was here from Negros, we had a driver. Mama who had a mole on her foot ventured out to Queens, I tagging along. The rain wasn’t strong at all, but classes had been suspended. That memory stands out because I lost a gold bracelet with a tiny heart in it. No, no one gave that to me, but it had sentimental value because I bought that with my savings. 😦

c. of Ondoy. That was the first time rain water entered the house from the ground all the way to our room which is three steps up from the sala. The flood was thigh level of husband who’s 5’10, knee deep in the sala, and ankle deep in our room. Ondoy also  caused a change of venue in a nephew’s wedding – from the church near Mall of Asia to a hotel in Makati. I missed the wedding but caught up by the time of the reception at 7 pm, after having been advised EDSA was clear. I went, self-made up, no longer wearing my wedding ninang get-up which I was already wearing earlier, when I had been ready to be made up. Ondoy left several scars of sorts. Furniture had to be replaced – our china cabinet’s base had to be scrapped because the wooden panel had ballooned or lifted. Thank God our dining table and chair weren’t made of laminated wood so we still have them till now. Ondoy was a Saturday, we flew out Monday to visit son. When we came back some 17 days later, our room’s floor was gray and sandy. See, we lock our bedroom when husband, son and I are out. Therefore, although the floor had been dried before we left, likely it wasn’t dried enough and residue moisture dried up over the weeks. The parquet floor has since been replaced. Our cars were undamaged, fortunately for us. I knew of friends whose cars had to be fixed. Ah yes, I remember, a filled gasul tank floated in our garage, Same with son’s basketball goal which has a stand.

Another effect of Ondoy which was the most costly was to have an architect check out our grounds. he discovered that water was seeping in from our three neighbors’ premises and from the barangay hall behind us. Instead of water from our property being drained out to the canal outside, water was actually coming in from where it shouldn’t have.

The architect had all those ingress points addressed and created a sump pit where two Gould’s pumps of various capacities now drain water from our property. A third pump bought in True Value  stands like a sentinel in the driveway just in case the garage gets flooded. In the past, pre-Ondoy, we already had that pump from TV. In fact that which we use now is our second or third. Pre-Ondoy, water would rise in our garage when the rain was particularly strong, hence those cheap but effective pumps. Cheaper than Gould’s so I say they’re cheap at less than P10k each.

I miss those days when stormy weather was a happy time in the sense that it meant a class suspension. Now I fear the storm.


last night, when the rain poured hard, I told husband, “Sana, an announcement that classes will be suspended will be made now.” He said “What? Why?” I said because when a suspension is announced the night before, it means the day following on which the suspension is applicable, turns out to be sunny. Have you noticed how frequently that happens?

So there.

The rain has stopped; I hope it stops totally or doesn’t recur too quickly so that water will have time and the space to recede.

Son is planing in today. Will his flight be canceled or delayed? Either is fine with me, provided he stay safe.

Let’s pray for each other’s safety.


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