MMDA on Twitter

Time and again, my cousin would call their office on which route would be best to go to Makati or to ask how bad traffic was. This was before Twitter came into our lives. And MMDA would always answer satisfactorily so that cousin would always advise me to call MMDA for similar questions, which I did.

A few months back, it was my birthday, but sadly for me, it was the day our  car was number coded. I called MMDA and asked if I could use the road without being caught. I was advised that I might be stopped but that upon seeing me in a wheelchair, I’d be allowed to proceed.

Even farther back, when MMDA Chair was VP BInay, I sent a letter to his house (scared my mail would be  missed if I sent it to his office in MMDA) requesting permission to use EDSA on our way to the installation of a bishop in Cavite. I got a call from the Chairman’s office with the instruction to get a letter from their office signifying permission to use EDSA without being apprehended.

With Twitter now available, I have been sending twits (tweets) to MMDA and Meralco, and more often than not, I would get a reply. Earlier today, I sent this to MMDA and within less than 5 seconds, I got their reply:

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 13.34.10

Grateful for the quick response, I answered back:

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 13.40.24

And they favorited my reply.

Way to go MMDA on Twitter.

I must qualify that – the Twitter bit – because once in a while, seeing MMDA personnel in the flesh scares me. My mindset- they are going to apprehend us. Men-in-uniform phobia?

ALthough I must say, that just as we’ve been apprehended by MMDA, so have we been helped… when months back, we had an accident of sorts near EDSA Shrine.

Win some, lose some. But wouldn’t it be great if we could all say, “Win all”?

Thanks MMDA on Twitter. Really appreciate the work you are doing.


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