Yesterday, son was due to arrive from HK where he went for work. Yes, in Mario weather. So you can just imagine the stress/anxiety husband and I felt, and son did. Would the flight push through to begin with? I’d rather it were canceled than compromise his and his co-passengers and the pilot and his crew’s safety be compromised. But upon checking FlightAware, a phone app, the flight would proceed as scheduled. Husband, on his part, checked naia arrivals, and got the same info. Flight was scheduled to arrive at 6:31, we left the house at 5 pm. Per waze, our trip would take an hour and four minutes but along the way, waze advised that traffic had cleared and we got to NAIA around 6:39. An hour’s wait, we said to ourselves.

As we waited in the dark, the cars beside us left one by one. I prayed my novenas using my Kindle, I didn’t want my phone’s battery to die out as if it did, how could we arrange with son where we’d pick him up? Husband’s phone had no load left. I checked FLightAware and details re arrival hadn’t changed but naia arrivals declared flight was on schedule but would  arrive, on time, at 6:50. It occurred to me then that possibly, the classification “on time” had a plus/minus factor. When I perused the page, I did see this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 8.56.18

At 6:47, son texted, “Plane just landed but there’s traffic in the tarmac.”  By 7 pm he was with us. What a relief! Thank God and thank you for all the prayers, C and TPS.

In his text messages prior to flying out, son was apparently apprehensive. Here’s one message:


I texted back, “trust the pilot, trust God.” I only hope God has no billing issue problems. He “delivered” as did the pilot.


From the airport we proceeded to Power Plant for dinner. My tummy was grumbling my then. Son wanted ramen, ergo Ikkoryu. After having eaten in Ippudo, Ikkoryu, I realize, is not that good. But the place was full. And their gyoza is good. So is their uni appetizer which is actually, gyoza dough served with a sauce one of whose ingredients is uni, ergo (again) the  fishy taste.


While waiting for a table at Ikkoryu, we checked out the table of goodies in front. Cru Kitchen’s. They let me try their queso de bola cheesecake and dulce de leche cheesecake. I got just slices of them. They also let me taste their bottled dulce de leche which I strongly feel is cooked condensada, but I got a bottle despite that knowledge. Their sea salt caramel is a bit salty, so I didn’t get that. And I got two bundles of their suman from the south: expensive at P100 for 6 pieces! But it tastes good. Seeing the suman made me realize I used to buy from this seller at Eastwood. Really quite good.

Had a little of the dulce de leche cheesecake and realized it’s their queso de bola cheesecake with bottled dulce de leche topping.

Hmmm. giving me ideas.


So yesterday was an admixture of stressful moments punctuated by relief and joy at having son with us again, safe and sound.


In “honor” of Typhoon Mario, saw this on my friends’ wall yesterday:

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 19.26.47with a caption asking that Super Mario spare the country from more harm.

Filipino humor never lays low. Joke, never lies low.


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