Funny Globe

Yes, Globe again.

The day after I got a unit from Globe in Shang c/o Sab, I got this text message from Globe:


I wondered if it had to do with my transaction with Globe in Shang. Let’s put this in context. The text message arrived Sept. 13, 2014.

A few days ago, Sept 18, I got several calls from (02) 739 2222. Whenever I’d say hello, no reply came through. Once, someone did say “hello” and that was it.


I googled and saw some posts on the number. The two below are from the same site – a forum of sorts:

photo-4 photo-5

Today, 22 September, I got a call and this time, the voice and I were able to speak to each other. She introduced herself as the one to whom I had spoken about changing from iPhone 5c to 5s. Apparently, they don’t coordinate with each other, or maybe they do not take notes, or maybe they don’t read the notes.

For one, I had already said I was canceling the 5s to get 5c instead. For another, I said that if I didn’t get the phone by Friday, 12 Sept, I’d cancel the transaction. My son needed the new phone 14 September.

So there, Globe is comedic at times. For serious Globe service, to get a phone quickly, try your luck at a Globe store in the mall. The ones who take calls in 730-1000 do not deliver on time.

Did you read the second photo in the forum above? My sister got a call from Globe, offering a phone. She ordered. Months ago. It hasn’t yet come.

Luckily for Globe, she’s different from me. She just accepted the non-delivery nonchalantly.


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