SM Aura again

A few posts ago, I mentioned wanting to have son try the Matzusaka beef in Ogetsu in SM Aura. So never mind that the Skypark floor of the mall has no many dining choices to offer:


it was Ogetsu for us yesterday, Sunday.

As in the previous Sunday, we ordered scallops and yellow fin sashimi, matzusaka beef teppanyaki, gindara teriyaki, fried rice for me, steamed rice for the two. Son ordered a shrimp sushi I think and I added shrimp tempura.

Rommel cooked for us. That he loves and is proud of his work is evident in his eyes, smile, etc. Husband even took a video of him at work. As he cleaned the grill, his motion reminded me of tai-ichi. And the teppanyaki was so good. The fried rice too, looked more alive:


We were so fascinated by his cooking that he said to us to eat the beef while still hot so it would taste better, noticing that we were watching him cook the veggies instead of gorging on the beef.

Unfortunately, Ogetsu’s tempura is not as good as Kimpura’s where the batter is lighter. And husband lamented, while Ogetsu’s gindara teriyaki is good, it is not boneless, the way Kimpura’s is.

Possibly, we will dine again in Ogetsu one of these days. I hope before the 50% off promo ends in November. But no more tempura from us, thank you.


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