Odds and Ends

A few weeks ago, we received this and the caramel brownie variant from favorite wedding godchildren:

photo 1

Look at the appearance of the box cover inside:

photo 2

How nice when extra effort is exerted by companies like Lindt to make one smile, right?


On another note, two or three days ago, I ordered online from echo store. Today, I got my orders, freight cost P69, I think:

two boxes of Guyabano tea packed in bubble wrap:

photo 3

and a bottle of guava jelly:

photo 4

The three items were put in a box. And guess what, like the first iPhone 6 owner in Australia, I dropped the bottle after taking the photo, or to do an HHB, the bottle rolled off my lap, which it did. Honest. HHB would always do a Pontius PIlate and attribute to anything and everything she accidentally hits that falls a certain degree of telekinetic powers, or kinetic energy, never mind if they’re lifeless or aren’t machines.

The bottle stayed hole so I managed to put them on Ritz crackers:

photo 5

I’m more used to dark brown guava jelly so I must confess the color of this took me aback. Still, the taste is what matters ultimately and I wasn’t disappointed.

What else do I spread guava jelly on? Well, I tried to make Assumption tart ages ago, without success. L, do you know how? So I’ve had to content myself with spreading it on crackers or, if we have bananas, on banana. I then eat the pair with cheese. Yummy.


In case you’re from Loyola Heights and your taps suddenly ran dry, fret not. Husband fretted, worried a pipe in our grounds had burst. I called Manila Water (1627) and after a few iterations of “All our operators are busy…”, a human voice answered. Oh, but before that, there was news of pipes being fixed in Mandaluyong, which made me wonder – Mandaluyong is so far away, so why no water in our house either? Luckily, the human voice said a pipe had burst in Katipunan and was being fixed. Whew. Yes, misery loves company and it’s a relief the problem isn’t exclusively ours.


Word for the Day: “settle”

Last night I was reading Wind in the Willows and came across a passage where one of the characters sat on a settle. How’s that again? As it was a Kindle I was reading from, I learned why immediately. Aside from the verb definition of settle (resolve or reach an agreement), settle also has a noun use and it means
“a wooden bench with a high back and arms, typically incorporating a box under the seat.”

ORIGIN Old English setl‘a place to sit’, of Germanic origin; related to German Sessel and Latin sella ‘seat’, also to sit.

Here’s a settle I found in Google Images:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 21.02.06

Except for the settle’s back being higher and the seat lower, doesn’t it remind you of this?

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 21.03.21

The Filipino gallinera


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