Greenhills – wow

As I needed to get my reformatted Mac from Powermac in Connecticut, we hied off to Greenhills when husband got off work. Wow, PowerMac is in Northeast Square, a new building that houses, among others, Conti’s, Banapple, and I couldn’t see what else. Luckily for us, there was a vacant parking slot outside the building, though underground parking was available, I think and according to husband, he saw an elevator upstairs. Son and I waited in the car- a bit unsafe, I know but I pray while waiting and knock on wood, so far so good and maybe after 20 minutes, husband was back.

We then proceeded to Promenade. Traffic in Connecticut was bad…

After parking in B1 of Promenade, we walked/wheeled to V-Mall and then to Unimart before going back to Promenade for dinner. At Sariwon.

Rosanna attended to us and was very efficient and knowledgeable. The food was great: dolsot bibimbap, Korean barbecue – the type you wrap in lettuce leaves along with sauce and garlic, pajeon, bulgogi soup or something. Before we paid, Rosanna gave us a dessert beverage in a small cup, she said, that helps in digestion. Sikhye. I googled, here’s the recipe. Main ingredients are rice, malt powder, honey. Sariwon’s version had one pine nut and a slice of dried date. Here’s a photo I took – sans the pine nut which I had consumed:


It works, I think, because though I ate a lot, I didn’t feel bloated afterward. How I wish making this were simpler.

Just realized that I haven’t elaborated on the title. Promenade has so many new restos: Ebun, Tampopo, Sariwon,, Erik Kayser, etc. One is spoiled for choices.

Parking doesn’t seem as difficult; traffic is another thing.

Post Script – Unimart looks old but still offers considerable choices. We didn’t really go around too much, like we didn’t reach the freezers at the back and other dry goods (son and husband were my companions, that’s why), but where it used to be, the Purefoods frozen products no longer were. Orange Julius was absent as well. In its stead was “Master Siomai” that had a picture of Ryzza Mae. Husband though said it might be Kuya Germs’s (Master Showman)?

While we were lining up to pay for stuff (mostly junk food and chocolates), a smiling Unimart lady asked, “Ma’am, yan na ang anak niyo? Dati tinutulak pa lang yan.” Greenhills was a favorite and frequent destination of ours before – before Rustan’s Katipunan came to be. We ate in Kimpura frequently and when it was “alive”, in Minggoy’s where son’s baptismal dinner was held –  are we a jinx? Son had his confirmation lunch (with just us and his ninong present) in Minggoy’s Ortigas, that closed too. His First Communion dinner was it in Angelino’s. That closed down too. Grade 7 grad dinner in The Barn, now closed. The only places that remain standing where he marked milestones are The Old Spaghetti House for high school grad, and Ninyo’s for college. Good luck to the venue of his wedding reception, if and when. I kid.

Back to Unimart – we asked the lady whether Unimart as it now exists will be gone when the Capitol Commons one will arise. She said, “Baka mauna pa ang nandiyan” – pointing to the direction of the exit same side as Club Filipino. Ah then I remembered reading they’d open a Unimart where Gloria Maris used to be. Looking forward to that day.

To go back to being Unimart loyalists, okay Greenhills, here are two other incidents:

once in Unimart, the guard asked me when my son now was still a baby, “Saan na ang panganay?” See, after my sister, older sister, gave birth in 1982, she always left her son with me when she and husband went off to work in Makati. That time, I had a driver and we’d go places, Rustan’s Cubao, Unimart, etc. SO I guess, people, including the guard,   thought my nephew was my son. A friend who had left Manila even hinted as much – wow, I was once thought to be an unwed mother? My life is fraught with mysteries/rumors (someone once spread the word in my province that I had cancer). Parang showbiz.

Another: in Gift Gate, a lady said “Ma’am dati pa kitang customer.” Ah now, I remember, not in GG Greenhills, though, but in SM North, I think.


But really, I’m excited about re-frequenting Greenhills again. THough I must confess, I was a bit scared because of some incidents in the past:

a) the car that flew off the parking building months ago

b) our car, an old Galant even then, was carnapped in front of then Virra Mall. We had parked there to watch the movie premiere of Angels in the Outfield, which was sponsored by the Blue School’s Grade School Grade 7  parents. My son and a few others even wore angel wings and a helmet (hard hat) and went up the stage before the movie began. After the movie (this was mid afternoon), his yaya brought the wings and the hard hat to the car. We then had dinner and did the groceries. When we went back to where we thought the car was parked, a different car was on the slot. I wished aloud, maybe we didn’t park there? Though deep in my heart, ,I had a sinking feeling we had been carnapped.

Husband looked for a security guard who then called a policeman (there’s an outpost there). WE got a taxi and rode with our groceries to the San Juan police station and reported the incident.

Parents of my husband’s son  offered to help. Eventually, some two weeks later, we got a call from the Makati police (commercial center area) telling us they found the car in Quad, two weeks earlier, the day after we lost it. The policeman chided us for having called a parent of husband’s student informing her because I think she called them to not give us problems? Not sure, but why were we chided?

The only thing amiss was the battery’s having been replaced with a smaller one. By whom? Who knows. As the turnover was being processed, I was praying for novenas quietly in front of the police, to show them I had the best support in the world – God.

While we were there, a councilor of the then town of Makati brought in boxes of Jollibee chicken. Blind item who: his wife was an international beauty queen.  I saw her recently in Power Plant and when she saw me looking, she smiled. Second time already that she did. That’s why I’ll forever be her fan. Back in Grade 7, I kept a copy of The Asia Magazine where she was cover after she won. She was in an orange suit. the photo was taken in the airport where she posed with her sisters Rio and Benjie I think. Ay, dead giveaway of the identity.

I’ll never be a member of the Inquirer staff.


4 thoughts on “Greenhills – wow

    • That’s why I kept postponing it also. To begin with, I didn’t know what not to save. I decided to be lean and mean and just hope that aside from the music files, I missed nothing. Good luck!

  1. Husband is a reformatting advocate. As he and son are now using the Mac as a source of video or something, I have no idea how my old MAc works now. But take it from husband who had a computer reformatted — he says it is now as good as new, in a word, FAST. I had the same problem as you – very slow to open anything and everything (which was why I was convinced to have the Mac reformatted), I sometimes wanted to cry. But before having your MAc reformatted, you have to save all data in an external hard drive, a USB, or an SD card. One mistake I committed: I didn’t save the music I had stored in my Mac in a non-Apple thingy, so they’re gone totally, though I still have them in my phone and iPod. Apple does not allow synching music back to the Mac from a phone or iPad/iPod to iTunes. So again, you have to save it in a non-Mac thingy like a USB etc. I was charged P1k only because of the caravan, but I think they normally charge P1.8k in Power Mac. Some Mac stores charge P2k or P3k. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi, re your reformatted MAC, is it better now? I have a macbook I got in 2010, noticed that it takes too long now to open anything-mails, pics, etc. You think it needs reformatting? Pardon my asking but I hope to get your opinion. 🙂 Do I lose all stored data after it is reformatted? How much were you charged & how long after do you get it?

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