A High School Memory

photo-5Okay, this is a puto i have just bitten into. On its top is butter.

From the province where I come, we call it Manapla puto. Manapla is a town north of Bacolod. Before this puto became available elsewhere in Negros, we’d drive to Manapla to get this, or when we’d go to Fabrica to swim in Cornell, we’d pass by Manapla to get this. These were sold in small paper bags.

Then when I was in high school, during breaks in our Saturday CAT (Citizens’ Army Training), we would walk to a subdivision nearby to buy this hot, alongside a bottle of ice cold Coke. The pair would always be the highlight of our CAT, at least it was for me.

Later, the same person that sold this, made colored puto which is also very good. It had to be pre-ordered though. And much later, they came up with puto pao, which was so delicious, people swooned when I brought some to a gathering in my son’s school here in Manila.

Yesterday, son called to ask if I wanted something from the Negros Fair in Glorietta. The only think I could think off, offhand, was this puto from Quan. As it was the only “size” available, he got me 50 pcs at P200. Hence, breakfast today.

Son raved. So did husband.

I’m glad they appreciate something from my part of the world.

Buy this puto and other delicious delicacies, art work, et al. from the Negros fair that ends tomorrow.

Promise, this post was put up for the puto. The plug for the fair is incidental…

Some pictures grabbed from Facebook of items available in the fair:

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 9.04.41

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 9.06.28

These mingo puffs are very good according to a cousin. Pity I forgot to ask son to get me some.


8 thoughts on “A High School Memory

  1. Having a line of 7 meant losing honors. Fortunately our commandant averaged our Red Cross grades with CAT marks, so whew. He was the dad of a classmate (and a friend of many fathers in class, mine included – hehehe). From Red Cross training all I learned was how to make a square knot (right over left, left over right). Tourniquet hindi ako natuto.

    • Never was an officer. I don’t know how to shout. I just carried the flag during the parade in review when we underwent tactical inspection. That’s my claim to CAT fame. When my parents learned we had one, they chided me for not telling them. They were scheduled for a Rotary trip to Zambo I think. I said “It’s not important.” I enjoyed CAT actually, but not our first aid training under Red Cross. Muntik na ako magka line of 7 sa card because of it. Our Commanding Officer in CAT didn’t allow that line of 7, thank God.

      • LOL! I wanted to, pero I’m clumsy and I don’t march smartly, so hindi. LOL! Pero I carried the flag of D company. 🙂 Okay na sa akin yun.

        Takot ka rin sa line of seven? I was deathly afraid of it. Unfortunately, I had one in algebra back when I was in first year of high school. Isang linggo yata akong umiyak.

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