Traffic along C5 and then some

The funeral mass of my friend’s husband was set to start between 8:15 and 8:30 in the morning. Contrary to my initial plan to leave the house in Loyola Heights by 6:30, we left around 7 a.m. in the Wheelmobile. Stress. Though Ateneo Grade School had no classes, traffic along Katipunan was heavy. ALong the way, traffic would ease up and Waze said we’d be at Heritage by 8:03 a.m. I thought, “Oh, optimistic!” Then it changed to 8:07, 8:09, 8:`10, 8:15, 8:17, then after a certain stretch, when back to 8:13. We got to Heritage around 8:11.

Note that the crematorium and chapels are on the left side when you turn into the street leading to Heritage. Mang Roger didn’t ask (men!) until a few meters away from the entrance on the right. He asked a jeepney driver who hazarded, “Sa left ‘ata.” Whew. Luckily, he was right.

No one was taking pictures, thank God and then suddenly I caught one of my classmates position her camera, focusing near the ground. I thought she was taking a picture of the flowers below the coffin and teased her. She showed me the picture she had taken – it was of my foot, my sandals! So, so funny.

After the mass, I took  my leave and proceeded to S&R. Most of my friends know that when I go out, I maximize the use of the WM. At S&R HHB and I had “breakfast” – pizza and Coke for her, burger, fries and bavarian churros for me. I didn’t eat that much, maybe an eight of the sandwich, 5 sticks of fries and 1/2 the churro. We then bought a few items for son’s lunch baon – like fish fingers and frozen veggies. I’d have wanted to look around some more but I had errands to undertake.

Husband and son are planning to move stuff from the “gym” to the garage. Son asked me to buy him racks and plastic containers to serve as his birthday present. He wants to organize so he can use a gym with fewer kalat than exists now.

True Value it was. Bought a rack, not the gorilla one husband and son wanted as this wasn’t available. Instead, it’s the chrome plated type that will peel when it gets wet too often. Hopefully it doesn’t. Bought plastic containers of different sizes. these were at 50% off, still expensive, I know, but hieing off to SM would have been stressful.

Oh yes, before going to TV, went to iStudio on the third floor. Husband and son want to exercise while watching video or something. Bought a VGA something connector. Asked to have the plug (cable) replaced as son said it wasn’t charging. iStudio said they didn’t have any available. One of their personnel (she with the glasses and her hair in a bun) called some branches and found none. Then it occurred to me to have the plug (cable) attached to the laptop, both of which I brought to see if it wasn’t charging indeed. Miracle of miracles, it did. Reported this to husband who said “Tell them to observe it over a longer period.” see, last night, the thing charged for a bit and then nada. Asked the technician who complied and the laptop charged. When I got home, again husband said it refused to charge. I just looked at him, saying nothing. After a while, he said it was charging. Thank God for small miracles and iStudio personnel who are very helpful and soft-spoken.

Went to Rustan’s to look for a Camelbak drinking bottle for son. His was ran over in UP when he biked with friends. The bottle rather than him is fine with me, anytime. The search yielded nothing, but I saw some dishes that I thought might serve to catch the water splattering a little from the fountain son chose. But I wasn’t too sure about what I saw and decided to check out Gourdos while waiting for lunch to be served in Zarzuela, just across.

The guy in Gourdos was so nice and helpful, he helped us look for what we described we needed. Same with the guy from Rustan’s in charge of the plates made in Spain that start with a letter G.  He was also very helpful.

Finally chose something from Gourdos and was told a set of 4 cost P2995 or thereabouts. I thought by set of four he meant a cup, a saucer, a bowl, a plate. Was I happy when he showed me a box that had 4 pieces of each item. Such a blessed day.

Prior to going home, we stopped by Glorious in Anonas to buy son a Camelbak drinking bottle. How did I know it was available there? Googled. Camelbak is carried by the primer group whose outlets include ROX, Travel Club, North Face, Columbia, etc. But Camelbak is only available in ROX and some outlets not related to Primer Group, among them Glorious, a bike shop in Anonas across Zafra Motors. Prior to going there, I called to make sure they had it. Yesterday, I was planning to get it from ROX in BGC after going to S&R but ROX opens at 12 noon; my wheelmobile was from 7 a.m. to 3 pm only if I wanted to pay for just 8 hours. So I scrapped the idea of buying from ROX.

I had also wanted to get an art set from Fully Booked to feed the Picasso in me. What a dreamer, hahaha, considering that I paint by numbers. But I so enjoyed the experience, still enjoying it because I”m not done yet, that I was thrilled to see this in Facebook. Alas, Fully Booked in SM Megamall doesn’t carry too many art materials, neither FB Katipunan. So it has to be Greenbelt or perhaps, BGC. But time was not in my hands today. Plus, on the fourth floor of Megamall, I saw this stand selling different paint by number sets, ranging from Walt Disney themes to horses, Paris, etc. that I think is great. The item to be painted is mounted to a canvas and the frame is provided The cheapest set goes at less than P500, the one I wanted cost P1800. The theme is of two siblings riding the bike. The colors of this set are mostly sepia.  But I vowed to just buy it once I feel I’m entitled to indulge the Monet in me. NO loyalty to one painter, as you can see.

See, yesterday, I finally got the huge Baldemor cross-stitch project which I had framed, from DMC (basement, Building B) . Jean asked me what I intended to do next, I was tempted to say, “Paint”. But she began showing me sets, the new ones she had, for sale. One of them was Klimt’s The Kiss, which is a favorite of son’s and is the gelaskin of one of his Apple gadgets. SO I got that. Have yet to start. Am not in a hurry considering the lack of a wall for it. As it is now, the Baldemor hasn’t yet been hung. Wonder when. Jean teased I could sell it for P100k, I said never. though if and when I become destitute, i will.

For the Klimt project, I got a 14 ct aida cloth because if I got a 10, Jean said, the frame would be even bigger. Horrors. It has 9 panels, the Baldemor had 6. I finished Baldemor in 2 years, will doing Klimt take me 3 years? Horrors.

Some photos from my phone:

photo 1 photo 2

photo-1 photo

photo-4 Arlene, this is my Baldemor project. I haven’t had a picture taken of it framed as it’s still bubble wrapped. Trying to find a wall for it. Title is “Season of Hope” I think.


7 thoughts on “Traffic along C5 and then some

  1. Hello po! Just wondering if there’s any chance you still have your Season of Hope pattern? I just finished Pahiyas and wanted to do this next, but I learned from DMC that it’s discontinued already. 😦

  2. I hope you would post a photo of the Baldemor painting you’ve done. Met him personally at SM Megamall a few years ago during the unveiling of his two paintings and the cross-stitch adaptations by DMC.

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