Wily scammers

I read or heard somewhere that some TV shows are shown past midnight because viewers are at their most vulnerable to subliminal messages at that time.

well, scammers are intelligent and know this too, I guess.

This morning, I woke up at 4 after I herd a message alert. the message:

First thought – ah, okay, P300. I think that’s covered by my new plan so I shouldn’t worry about it. Then C’s post on Globe made me do a double take. Wait, I told myself and checked the number. It had a 2 prefix (pronounce prefix with a long e the way Carmina does in the Smart commercial).

So then it occurred to me – this people. I was ready to castigate Globe for sending text messages as such an ungodly hour before I realized, Globe was not responsible. So who?


6 thoughts on “Wily scammers

  1. Buti na lang may “add to spam numbers” function na ngayon. Two days after I got mom her new line, may scam/spam na! Walang ka-text si mommy, I am sure of that. Puro incoming calls lang siya. So where did these people get the numbers? Randomly generated? Galing naman nila. Sometimes the message could be as specific as “you are charged for your LTE use.” First time I got this message just when I abandoned my jurassic Nokia. What a coincidence naman. >:-(

    • I have been suspicious too. Son had a reward from Globe and shortly after got a message asking that the same amount (as the reward) be sent to 2xxxx. I forgot what the “excuse” was for that demand.

      • Info security problems, not Globe per se selling data, I guess. That’s what happens when business functions are outsourced. Who knows what happens when they put you on hold while they access your account and verify info.

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