Truffle Pasta

The first time I tried truffle pasta was in Mamou’s in Power Plant. Then son ordered the truffle macaroni in Mrs (Mr?) Jones at Greenbelt and that was good too. Then came Cafe Provencal’s truffle pizza – another great find, and so on.

You can just imagine then how excited I was when posted this hacked recipe – is that the correct way of saying it? OR maybe a recipe it had hacked – Mamou’s truffle pasta.

Prepared it for dinner using the recommended cream – Elle & Vire COOKING cream, which I was so happily surprised to learn Rustan’s Katipunan has. Except that it’s a tad expensive (P360 for a liter). But I thought, okay rationalized, since I wanted to approximate M’s truffle pasta, then I should spend for it, right? Rustan’s didn’t have the pasta mentioned in the recipe though, but Karen of Customer Service said they had Barilla. Got that as well and Marca Pina grated parmesan cheese (they didn’t have parmesan slices in the deli).

It was oh so good. But I cheated. Had HHA prepare only 150 g of pasta (recipe called for 250g) so there was a lot of sauce to smother the pasta in (with?).

Yummy. Though of course, you should temper the amount of pasta you put on your plate as the dish is rather rich.

To accompany the pasta, I prepared crab canapes which my yaya Vir, back when I was this small, used to prepare during fiestas in our town, Talisay, where crab is cheap and really fresh. I happened to buy canned crab meat (claw portion) in Rustan’s the last time I did the groceries. The can of crab was costly (P700 plus – the size of a big red can of Queensland butter). Sourced in the PHilippines and according to the person in charge of seafood in Rustan’s K, the price was lower when I bought it than when it first came out. There was another variant of the same brand but I didn’t get that – upward of P1k. Another brand was even more expensive.

The sauce for the canapes was basically bechamel sauce to which I added 1/4 tsp of curry, as I remember VIr put this spice in hers. Recipes online usually don’t have curry but Worcestershire sauce. As there’s leftover crab in the can, I just might try that version next. I spread the cooked crab in Bechamel sauce atop American bread bought in Mom & Tina’s (haven’t gone to JIpan yet lately) and topped this with Gouda cheese, then baked it in the oven toaster. Quick melt cheese would have worked as well, but HHA said we had run out.

Also had HHA prepare chorizo bilbao with white mushrooms sauted in garlic and olive oil. Rustan’s K now has chorizo bilbao in anticipation of Christmas, I guess. A big pack costs P1.7k but individual pieces retail for P115. Oops, did I mention this already in a previous post?

And we also had leftover pumpkin soup to which I had HHA add some bacon.

Son wasn’t able to partake of dinner tonight as traffic everywhere was awful (see post previous to this). He texted earlier, “What’s for dinner sana?” When I texted back, “Truffle pasta” he messaged back, “Save some for me.”

Incidentally, the truffle oil was one we got months back in Vom Fass at the lower ground level in the east wing of Shangrila. I keep forgetting this store’s name, I had to google it. If I recall correctly, I shared this video once a long time ago:

Items in this store are expensive but worth it, quality wise. In our case, we’ve gone there only once as we have not had need to replenish what we bought before.


4 thoughts on “Truffle Pasta

  1. Nagutom ako when I read your post. I must try the pasta recipe, and it’s perfect for me kasi konti lang ingredients — kung minsan kasi when I read a recipe and lumagpas ng five ang ingredients, bina-block na ng utak ko. 🙂

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