What Will Happen to My Family?

– is an enigma of sorts. Yes, it’s a Korean drama where virtually everyone is dysfunctional or belongs to a dysfunctional family. Amazing.

The doctor son of the tofu maker father has a chip on his shoulder. He blames his father for his having to work hard to get to wherever he wants to go, comparing himself to others who attain certain positions or levels of education by virtue of their family’s stature/connections/wealth.

His older sister is efficient but doesn’t seem to care about the family.

The youngest brother turns over a new leaf because of a girl who enlightens him about how he should regard his father.

The father blames himself for everything.

The girl who wants to marry the doctor is tactless, referring to his older sister as an old maid.

The boss of his sister is so undignified, acting in ways not befitting his position. COO – child of owner, rather than chief operating officer by virtue of meritocracy.

The extended family is no better. The wife of the patriarch’s neighbor/friend/ward (I don’t know how they connect) owes $120k due to gambling debts in the Philippines.

And the saga goes on.

Still watching though, if only to find out if in the end or some episodes later, things will “normalize”. Or will the characters become even more quirky?

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 22.59.49

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