A visual post largely

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A friend from college, one of two best friends (female) which was why we were referred to as Tres Marias, sent these over. She promised to do so a few months ago and despite her busy-ness didn’t forget to make good her promise. Being largely apolitical, I was more thrilled that she remembered rather than because of the focus of the items, though I am a Pope John Paul II fan. My husband is more of a sleuth than I am so while I thought the last was but a photo  of the late Pope, husband said, “Is this a stamp? There’s perforation.” Indeed it was/is. Of course I shall not be using these but will keep them for posterity.

My First (and Last?) Painting

photo 4 Hooray, I finished a painting. Not very impressive, I know, but considering how I am not at all gifted in this department, bear with me. And at least, son was impressed that I mixed some colors that needed mixing myself. Don’t compare this against the original, though. Some of the colors are nowhere near the original and some leaves might be missing, hahaha.

I want to do a second but I realized how near impossible it would be for me to do the one I saw in Megamall. It was huge, so how am I supposed to do it, given my limited mobility and my old eyes? I painted the above without using my eyeglasses and held the canvas rather than propped it on an easel. I cannot move my trunk forward so putting the canvas on an easel would have made it unreachable. I needs must find another paint by numbers set that’s as big/small as this, but if possible, not with a Disney character on it. Nothing against Disney but if that were my project, that it’s a kiddie thing would be so apparent.

So there.

Besides, I’m now doing a Gustav Klimt cross-stitch project of his The Kiss painting. It’s tough. The pattern is in a colored DMC booklet that’s shiny, shimmering, splendid, so I cannot make markings on it. Was advised to have the pages photocopied on A3 so I could see the pattern better. Did as instructed, in black and white. Wow, the codes were indistinct making it very difficult. So I had a colored photocopy done of Panel A (P25) and will have the photocopying done one panel at a time such that I won’t find it too expensive.

Began the project and have had to re do maybe three times, the stitches I had already put in. I threatened myself if I have to unravel a fourth time, I’ll give up.

That I’m using ct 14 means using two strands of thread only, cutting costs by 50%. For the Baldemor project, I had used 4 strands.

The painting of Klimt I hope to finish stitching:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 21.23.18

Will DMC also produce a pattern for another Klimt painting, the Tree of LIfe, I wonder? Son likes it as well:


4 thoughts on “A visual post largely

    • DO it, nakakatuwa siya. I so want to do that one in Megamall of the two kids in a bike kasi di halatang paint by numbers ang theme. Son said I should really check out Fully Booked in Greenbelt where the art stuff is extensive. Have you tried that thing where you scrape a foil design to reveal the art work underneath? Son bought one ages ago, parang gusto ko i-try gawin. But I’m sure I’ll botch it. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak talaga.

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