Birth and Marriage Certificates

Insurance company wrote me an email that my online account was deactivated as I hadn’t logged in for 110 days. SO I did and lo and behold, my status per my personal info in it was SINGLE.

OMG.  I called the insurance company and was told to ask my bank through which I had coursed my insurance to correct the error. Was that a subliminal error? Joke. I’m sure it was an oversight – the bank’s or mine.

At any rate, to have an amendment effected, I was asked to submit a copy of my NSO issued marriage certificate. Chicken, I thought. I have copies on hand.

Looked for such in where I was sure they were, found nothing. I did have my birth certificate and son’s, though, and these were corrected copies. Was my marriage certificate corrected as well? I don’t recall. If ever, it would be because husband’s second name wasn’t in it. But I’m not sure. Darn.

So I went online, hoping to do what my cousin did. Apply online for copies of these certificates and paying via credit card, therefore sparing me of the need to go to the bank.

Googled and found this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 13.59.11

The first entry was what I used the last time I needed copies of the certificates. But that required paying in the bank.

I clicked on the second site. It allowed online payments in Unionbank or BDO, neither of which institution I have an online account in. But another option was to pay over the counter. It was like I had called NSO Helpline, right?

TO compound matters, I got an email that read:Important:

●  Please email a scanned copy of the following document(s) to together with your Batch Request Number:

Arrgh, how could I can a document I had no copy of?

I decided to call NSO Helpline and thank God, I wasn’t asked to provide a copy of the certificates I was requesting for, despite my declaring, as I had with e-census that the certificates had corrections (though I wasn’t sure about the marriage certificate’s having any).

Charise was very nice and patient and gentle, so now I’m just going to have to pay via Metrobank, over the counter.

Aside from providing me with reference numbers for my requests, Charise gave the following additional info:

Follow up number if  documents are not delivered within 3 working days: 7371112

Delivery time 9am to 7 pm M-S

 Leave a letter of authorization, your ID and be sure receiving party has a valid ID

Upon receipt of delivery, indicate delivery date when signing the receipt

In paying through Metrobank:

Use the green payment slip

Under company name, write NSO Helpline

For the subscriber no. – write ref number

Account name – my name ( that is, the name of person making the request)

There’s still nothing like talking to a human voice so one gets immediate feedback, assurance, info.

There’s still nothing better than getting a person like Charise to answer your call and questions.


OH yes, she mentioned their courier is Air 21.


Now to pay, then start counting the days to delivery of document.

Oh the stress…


Incidentally, two weeks ago, son called asking for the reference no. or something of his birth certificate. He was in NSO SM Makati getting a birth certificate. For P150 only (NSO Helpline charges P350, e-census P315). Days later, he got his birth certificate and concluded it was a cinch. He said should we need ours, to just tell him and he’ll get for us.

But given that I have no copy of the marriage certificate and his propensity to ask for the reference number, I chose not to take up his offer. Next time, once I have everything in order.


Incidentally, just after I posted this (the above), I got a text message from NSO as follows:


Luckily, HHB hadn’t left yet; I paid online via credit card.


I asked NSO Helpline what would happen to my request with e-census. I was told that as I hadn’t paid, it was all right not to proceed. E-Census and NSO Helpline are competitors. I wonder how many others offer the same service.


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