MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino

… is manning Gate 3 in Ateneo now, husband just texted.

If I could, I’d rush over and get his autograph.

I’m such a fan of this hard working person in government.

He makes mistakes and owns up to them.

Best of all, he gets his hands dirty as early as before 7 a.m.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him elected to a higher office.


Husband’s and my text exchange:


That remark, “Buti he didn’t have you arrested!!!” is loaded in the sense that I’ve read, as I”m sure you have” how trigger happy some bodyguards are, right?

Finally, husband texted a detailed account. Please click to enlarge.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 7.56.35

His coterie of traffic aides smiled, they didn’t take umbrage. Following in the footsteps of their leader’s good humor, apparently.

Just saw this photo in FB. I’m sure people will say what FT did was for photo-op purposes. I say not because he didn’t do it for just a minute and have his photo taken and then left, that would be photo op. But he got down and dirty, in a manner of speaking. So there.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.52.22.


8 thoughts on “MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino

  1. Like ko rin si FT but I want him appointed to a higher office–in the executive branch, as a cabinet secretary, perhaps? Kapag elected kasi legislative branch and an LGU is “too small” for him. We have too many lawmakers already; we need action-people like him at the national level. Di ko lang talaga maintindihan kung bakit lagi sila nag-aaway ni Sison, whom I also like. Pero sana elected na rin ang Secretaries para i-vote ko siya o si Panadero sa DILG 🙂

    • Sison or Singson? DPWH? Yes, Tolentino would be good in an executive, ergo administrative post, huwag na legislative. Do they make laws or investigate nito, niyan, at kung anu-ano pang bagay. In aid of legislation ba lahat? Parang hindi, di ba? Sige, i-kampanya natin si Austere pag tumakbo.

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