That around which our lives revolve

wittingly for husband, unwittingly for me: UAAP basketball.

So I’m glad the season has ended. It hasn’t? But the Blue School is out, so technically, or unwittingly for husband, it’s over.

And that’s a relief because now we can go back to “normal.”

Weeks ago, a friend was asking us out to dinner come Saturday (then). I said, “Yes” only to realize the BS might have a game. What about next week, she asked then. I said, same story.

Wednesday morning, another friend asked, “Kelan ka pwede?” I said, “Anytime.”

That was a Freudian slip, I guess, because later I realized, what if the BS wins and moves on to the finals? We’d not be free again.

But as though my easy “Anytime” answer were ominous, the BS lost and so, we’re free “anytime” now, in truth and in fact.


I’m happy for NU which hasn’t been in the finals for 44 years now. I didn’t mind the BS’s losing to it. I hope it becomes champion.

But wait, son wishes FEU wins the championship because of one man that he and husband are constantly praising to high heavens, a player named BELO.

Son and husband said this on separate occasions, neither of them within earshot of each other: Belo is magaling and humble. The word “humble” got to me and I became curious.

After the FEU game with him as player of the game, he said, “Tsamba lang” his crucial shot in the end game. Son later told me he also said “para kay Lord.”

Just now, we had a group text that went thus, focused on Belo the player, not the celebrity doctor.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.04.52 Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.05.04 Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.05.23 Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.05.33

So miniscule again. Please click to read. The order goes left to right, then bottom left to right.

Guess who texted which?


5 thoughts on “That around which our lives revolve

  1. 44 years! Parang Gilas sa FIBA–winning a game after 40 years. So may pag-asa pa ang UP! It’s only been 28 years since UP won the championship. Time nina Paras at Magsanoc.

    • And Magsanoc is in the coaching staff of Ateneo. Is Altamirano from UP? Did UP have him as coach also? Di bale C, matatalino naman ang taga-UP at magaling sa cheer dance. Huwag naman kayong swapang. Ibahagi niyo na ang ibang talents/skills sa ibang schools.

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