Duck and Buvette the nth time around, Shang also

We were in Shang last night to buy a wedding gift (C, I can see you squirming/laughing, hyperventilating) and once that was done, we went to have dinner at D&B. The place was packed so we were lucky to get a table. MEANT.

We ordered the potato with duck egg again (and I can just eat this and be happy) and when asked for recommendations, the person attending to us suggested the Romaine lettuce salad. Hold your breath, take a seat, I ordered it even if the two men said no need. I’m glad I did. The dressing was so good I could just have had that. But I did eat 2.5 leaves.

Husband ordered the Angus beef (cooked for 8 hours), son ordered the sourdough pizza, I ordered the crispy pork belly with raspberry and balsamic sauce. Husband’s was the best tasting – it came with mashed potato. Mine came with garlic rice and poached egg – a square pork belly oozing with fat, quite good but nakakaumay so I didn’t finish it (shocking?), while son’s pizza looked so dry I didn’t touch it and he didn’t rave about it. Husband ordered coffee, I asked for the bill and it took an eternity, I was peeved. Besides it was 9:30 and the mall was closing at 10 and we hadn’t done much shopping yet. The bill finally came after an eternity.

Re the food, I now know I won’t order the following from D&B: the ravioli which I was disappointed over in a previous visit, the pizza and the pork belly. And I’ll ask for the bill after placing our order so we won’t have to wait – yes, for an eternity.


OH yes, I forgot, prior to dining, we did go to a few stores in search of the wedding present. ECCO has nice bags, there was a brown leather one without any lining that I was tempted to get, but resisted getting. At Braun and Buffel there were at least two bags that caught my attention but which I resisted getting as well – I’m getting to be a pro at resisting these days. Then son arrived from Cartimar and said he needed a set of clothes as he had been drenched by rain when he was loading his bike in the trunk of his car. Luckily, yesterday morning, I received a text from Debenhams that everything this weekend till tomorrow (6 Oct) is at 25% off, so to Debenhams we went.  I wanted to look at the bedsheets and pillowcases while son was choosing his clothes but ended up with the towels instead. It felt good to buy them at 25% off. Really.

After dinner, we went to Timberland on the 6th floor of the East Wing. The male and female clerks were ignoring us as they were chatting up a storm, it peeved me. Each time we’d ask how much something was, they’d check so lazily, not confident about their answers. Husband said later when I complained, “because it’s near closing.” I don’t think that should be an excuse. To begin with, the store doesn’t look like it had too many customers before us. The staff here were so different from the one in SM Marikina who were really eager to be of service. Besides, I pointed out to husband, compare them with the personnel of D&B who were smiling even if we left the place at almost closing time too. And i”m sure they had a whole lot of work more than those in Timberland. I pity the owner of the place. Husband said I guess it’s important that a store or resto owner closes the place. D&B appears to have owners or managers working in the kitchen most of the time.

This story reminds me of one a friend told me before. It involved a Chinese resto in West Avenue. Friend was in it when at around 8 pm, the waiters started turning off the lights, not all of them but enough to say “we’re about to close.” Then suddenly the waiters turned on the lights. The owner had arrived. End of story.

To go back to Timberland, son ended up not buying anything.

Oh well, we can always go to SM Marikina. Or Paseo de Sta Rosa? Hmmmm….


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