Wellworoth and Ayala Fairview Terraces

We went to my sister’s house  NE of Metro Manila and since Ayala Fairview Terraces was but some 30 minutes away, we decided to check out the new mall.

First stop was the shop Base Kamp which sells mountain climbing stuff et al. There son found a Camelbak drinking bottle that sold for P700, same as it did in Glorious along Anonas. So he got one. A few meters away from our next stop, Army Navy for lunch, son passed Conquer, a bike shop. There the same bottle sold for only P660. Grrr… All these establishments are on the second level of the mall. Don’t confuse the floors of the mall with the floors of the parking building which are in the same structure because both have a second floor. Go figure. It’s not like in Power Plant where you have P3, P2, P1, R1, R2, R3. And like most other or is it all, Ayala Malls, AFT is also circular and the configuration is just too complicated for me.

Lunch at Army Navy was seamless. The personnel in it are eager to please. One orders at the counter and one’s orders are then brought over to one’s table. We chose a table out in the terrace as the ventilation inside the resto is a bit wanting – read, warm. Our orders: steak burrito for me, chorizo (longganisa?) burrito fro husband, cheese burger sandwich for son. Also ordered the toast with blueberry and ice cream. And a serving of sour cream.

The burrito was filling, I’m having my leftover for dinner.  The sour cream didn’t taste like anything, I shouldn’t have let son spend P40 for that. The mayo was great and would have sufficed. The burritos came with small cups of  tomato salsa. Oh yes, I ordered fearless fried chicken because Lucy Torres raved about it. Served with gravy and rice. But guess what, it remained untouched. We’ll share it for dinner.

The dessert was good. The bread part especially. Goes for P95 and was big enough to be shared by the three of us.

After lunch we hied off to Wellworth which consists of two floors. The second floor has clothes and bags galore – reminiscent of Landmark and SM stores. Prices aren’t expensive (that doesn’t sound quite right) but not too many people were buying. Wellworth is an SSI store and I guess, people have the misconception that like other SSI stores, it spells EXPENSIVE. Son said wrong packaging or was it marketing that he said?  Banana Peel thongs were selling at P180. Cute slippers with Hello Kitty designs, among others. A PHilippine brand but made in China. Kipling also had some products being sold in the store.

On the third floor of Wellworth was where we found interesting stuff. My sister highly recommended its Asian-themed items. Reasonably priced, I would say. It had furniture, a wooden swing like those sold in Laguna or maybe White Plains, paintings in sets (I’ve seen similar in Landmark Trinoma), etc. Cookware, small appliances, linens. So very Landmark.

At the cashier, they asked if I wanted to buy a membership card. Weeks back, the SSI app in my phone had said presenting the coupon in the phone would give me a free card but the offer expired a few days ago. Card costs P100. Every 10,000 points (P1 is 1 point) gives cardholder P100. Mondays there’s free coffee I don’t know where care of the card; Wednesdays, one earns double points.

I almost said NO to the card as I find Fairview too far, but when husband asked where other Wellworth stores are, the cashier said “Trinoma” (my silent reaction was “pwede”) and UP Town Center. Ah, she got me there! So near our place, after all. But when? Who knows. And I hope the size approximates that in AFT.

Went to Samsonite and they have cute stuff for children. I was so tempted to buy a bag for nephew, oops, Freudian slip, for grandson (c/o my sister) except that I had already bought him something for Christmas. This bag cost P2490 less 10% with a Rustan’s discount card.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 18.30.14

The clerk said if I buy a second item, it would be free almost. I asked her to explain and didn’t/couldn’t quite get her explanation. anyway, you might ask someone who can explain things better.

I also found this cute but it was selling for P4k, so no, I didn’t buy it nor even think of buying it. Maybe if it were for my son or my own grandson direct:

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 18.32.22

This looks nicer in person, the colors more   vivid.

We went to level 1 of the mall and there saw National Bookstore. In the LG were roygbiv and apostrophe, which sell colorful stuff. I think there’s a roygbiv in Glorietta as well?

Went home at 4:30 and reached the house by a little past 5. Distance is some 14km away from Loyola Heights. Traffic wasn’t so bad.


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