BIrthday Lunch at Spectrum in Fairmont Hotel

I learned that the hotel charges 50% off on lunch and dinner buffets Mondays and dinner buffet on Sunday if one has a BPI credit card.

Fortunately for us, son’s birthday is today, a Monday.

A few days ago I reserved a table for 4. I also mentioned that it was son’s birthday so could a cake be prepared for him? Said promo–the birthday cake–is also a feature of the BPI promo.

Let’s back track a little. In Feb, when it was my birthday and we found ourselves in Spectrum after picking up son at the airport, I mentioned it was my birthday too. A cake would be prepared for me, I was told, but none came. Son consoled me, saying, never mind, we had dessert from the buffet. I blamed that failure to meet the promise on the fact that we arrived late, had no reservation, etc.

Fast forward to today. I told one waiter about son’s birthday cake promised by the person who took my call. He nodded. None came. I told a lady about it. Still no cake. I told another lady and she said she’d have it prepared.

Meanwhile I also ordered foccacia bread for takeout because the one they served at the buffet was so good. After a long time spent waiting for it and the bill, the bill came; the foccacia didn’t. And to think we made the order for it from a lady in black. I gave my card to the one who brought the bill, never mind if we left without the bread and the cake, anyway, the bill didn’t reflect the bread’s cost.

Then the lady in black came and assured us the bread was being prepared and the cake too. The latter would be boxed, she said, noting we were about to leave. the bread came in beautiful boxes but these didn’t close well. Form over function. the cake, where was it?

We waited a bit more for the cake. Then I said, “let’s go.” I was getting so peeved already. Then when we passed by the place where one could see what the chefs were doing, son’s girlfriend noticed that a chef was writing “happy birthday” on a plate with a tiny cake at the center. We watched and waited a bit again. Then son said, “Ah, maybe that’s not mine yet because the lettering is on a plate.” Recall that the lady had said she’d have it boxed for takeout.

OH well, we left Spectrum without the cake,   a bad way to end a happy celebration.

Will we go back? I’m not very sure about myself, though son likes the lobster. There was none this lunch so he had shrimps cooked in garlic and butter instead, a winner. We requested  a second serving, but it didn’t come out as good. There was less butter, there was less garlic.

The peking duck wrapped in pita bread was good. The creme brulee too. the sirloin and the hakaw, and one other dimsum dumpling.

At 12 noon, when we entered, I saw “Mongolian” near the Peking duck. I asked one of the ladies in black if their Mongolian was like the Mongolian barbecue in other restos. I saw that near the “Mongolian” sign were tacos. She mumbled something and what I gathered was that it was different. Then I overheard her chiding one of the girls saying “why is the sign for breakfast still there?” Before long, the sign that read “Mongolian” was removed and in its placed was put “Taco Station.”

So there.

Service was a bit iffy but the place was packed, possibly because of the BPI promo.

The box that contained the foccacia:


A few minutes ago, I asked husband why the box was open. He said, “I don’t know”. The box has a mind of its own. 🙂


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