Korean dinner

Banchan (appetizers):

crispy bean sprouts – really good. Buy the long bean sprouts, not the curly ones. Recipe here

spinach – quite good though as HHA prepared it, it was a tad watery and withered. But the taste was good. Recipe here

Sweet potato – good and tasty though sa HHA bought white camote, it didn’t look as golden as in the picture. Too, our brown sugar was not a dark brown. Recipe here

I wanted HHA to prepare the tofu banchan also but she looked at me as though to say, “Ano ka, sinuswerte?”. Here’s the recipe for another time. Hopefully.

Main dish:

dak bulgogi – don’t bother adding the bean paste onto the chicken before wrapping it with lettuce. Taste is too strong. The dak bulgogi as prepared is already very good. Just add garlic, rice and wrap with lettuce leaf. Recipe here

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