Roommate Season 2, episode 2

I started watching it this morning but was distracted and I found everyone so noisy, I stopped. Tonight, having finished watching Discovery of Romance (swoon) and Secret Hotel (swoon), I decided to give Roommate a second go.

Compared to the first batch, the second has more noisy members, unlike the first batch where Sora, Mama Shin and the ladylike lady (how redundant) was so refined (even more redundant). This time the new members are rather loud so one shouldn’t watch the show when one has just awakened.

I’m amazed that a resto serving Korean barbecue was open at 3:42 a.m. And I”m even more amazed that Jackson, who has work at 6 decided to eat rather than sleep at that time. Oh to be young.

I noticed how the Japanese roommate went down on his knees when he accepted a present. How traditional. Cool.

And how Lee Dong Wok, so early in the morning greeted the comedienne and was laughing. I think the comedienne was thrilled. Imagine seeing LDW first thing in the morning?

The oldest among the females smiles more than Sora did but I get the impression she’s strict as well. Generation gap?

Okay, I’ll continue watching Episode 2 now.


Episode 2 is interesting. SOme of the roommates go on a walking tour of the town (*city?) with a tour guide who’s knowledgeable about so much trivia. He’s like a teacher who asks those present questions and draws answers from them. Lee Dong Wok is quite smart. Okay, I’m biased.

In episode 2, as well, Sunny makes a Rapunzel thingy using Lego. Nice.

Earlier, some of the roommates (Se Ho, Nana and the comedienne) go to the house of Se Ho’s mom where like a typical mom, she feeds them and sends them home with food she has prepared.

The energy level of Season 2 seems higher, with more wacky roommates present. Still, Season 1 also had its own charm, so I still don’t know which Season I’d rank higher.

Ryohei, a Japanese, was reacting quietly when the tour guide was speaking ill of the Japanese. LDW was laughing at the hilarity of it all.

Very entertaining show, Roommate continues to be.


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