Bae Soo Bin

After having watched 3 episodes of The Greatest Marriage, I hereby pronounce that BSB is a good actor. He was always convincing when he essayed serious roles, be it as a good person or a rakish/bad one. In The Greatest Marriage, he is funny-bad. His comedic timing, facial expressions, hyperbolic ways are really funny.

Thank you, Cynthia, for saying you would give him some slack. I decided to do the same and resumed watching.

But the clone, oh the clone, makes me cringe.

To go back to BSB, he event took off his shirt in a bar and did some dancing. And happily, he’s just fit without the pan de sal abs.

Here’s a screen cap:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.54.14

Hilarious. Don’t click on the arrow, that won’t yield a video.


10 thoughts on “Bae Soo Bin

    • BSB and LJW look similar around the eye area, I think. I’ve read a comment on Dramabeans confusing JJH with BSB, so you are not the only one. Both LJW and JJH are actors I like, having watched Powerful Opponents and Dong Yi.

        • Powerful Opponents was enjoyable but it had an open ending. Some violence because the female lead (Chae Rim) is a bodyguard. Cool, right? Long story … my sis loves K-dramas and I used to laugh at her for being so addicted to them. She was watching Powerful Opponents on KBS World here in Singapore a few years ago and I happened to watch it with her. I was so charmed by little Kim Yoo Jung that when Dong Yi was aired here in 2011 I started to watch it just for her. Had no idea who BSB was then until I fell for his smile in Episode 4. So I have to thank KYJ and indirectly Powerful Opponents for introducing me to the awesomeness that is Bae Soo Bin 🙂

          • Kim Yoo Jung is so pretty, no?

            Re watching K dramas, it was my son who started me on it. I think he and his classmates had a crush on wait, I’ll check, I can never remember her name- Song Hye Kyo in Autumn in My Heart. I haven’t stopped watching since.

            Re BSB in Dong Yi, he was really impressive in that series! Swoon.

  1. Absolutely love comic BSB, and I think he’s enjoying himself not having to angst 🙂

    NMW has many fans who find him appealing. I find him too pretty. I’ve only seen him in a 2010 drama special “Rock Rock Rock” (watched some of it) and he looked attractive and manly/boyish then. I think we’ll only understand why he was cast at the end of the drama. Some really manly looking men are gay and the reverse … who knows, the writer might just be telling us not to judge by appearance. I have watched very few K-dramas (mainly focus on those with BSB in them) so I’ll just wait and see what the writer has up her sleeve.

    • I’ll take your advice re NMW then and wait till the end before I pass judgment.

      I used to confuse BSB with one or two others. But your being such an avid fan, I’m sure you’ll say they don’t look similar at all. I’ll see if I can find those two.

  2. LOL – love your post. Dramafever posted BSB’s pic and one disappointed viewer asked what happened to his abs from Shining Inheritance 🙂 Have you watched Episode 4 yet – the beginning is my favourite scene from TGM so far – Eun Cha and Gi Young are in a taxi on the way to hospital. BSB is simply hilarious here – you must not miss it.

    • I’ll watch it now, thanks for the heads up. BSB is just so good looking. Oops, he had abs in Shining Inheritance? I didn’t notice, hahaha.

      I still wonder though why NMW was cast in the series at all. He leaves me confused.

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