Husband bought a Drone in Pismo, maybe a year or so ago. He has used it a few times in a resort up North. In August 2014, CAAP issued a memorandum on its use which are rather difficult to meet. Maybe impossible even. Requirements such as:

  • Flight crew license with command intrument training
  • Military qualification equivalent to a license
  • Air traffic control license

will make it difficult for a big boy to play with his toy of sorts, meaning the drone. Husband is sad, of course. Oh well, he should just let it gather dust and cobwebs because the penalties are rather steep: between P300k to P500k.


For more on the requirements check this post out.


We were in Fairview Terraces, eating in the open air portion of Army Navy when I saw this resto below. It was not fully visible to me, so I said, “Oh, there’s a Pizza Project resto downstairs.” Son said, “Project Pie. You know, Mama, when I was in Glorietta buying your puto, there was an old Ilonggo lady in McDo. She ordered Zero Coke. The clerk in McDO said `Coke Zero’ but when the old lady said it, she said `Zero Coke’ again.”

Now I wonder – did son associate me with the McDo incident because I’m Ilonggo or old? Hmmm


A friend (thanks, C) treated us to lunch in Cafe Ilang-Ilang in Manila Hotel. As I cannot see all the labels on the food choices, husband reads some of them to me. When he said, “Guintaang halo-halo” I immediately told him to get me some. Then we went to our table.

The guintaang halo-halo was a light purple, so color wise it was all right. Taste wise in terms of the liquid base, it was great. But dig this. The solid ingredients were nowhere near the same as what’s cooked in homes and Filipino restos: kaong, nata de coco, macapuno slivers, and corn. No saba, camote, ube, gabi, and bilo-bilo.

I guess whoever prepared it wanted to just toss pre-cut ingredients into the liquid base for non-fuss cooking? How creative… euphemism for… OH, never mind.

Still, lunch was great given the company, the place, ambiance and the food. The waiters were very cordial and attentive as well.

At Manila Hotel, the personnel are clad in costumes – like leprechauns, queens (or maybe their ladies in waiting), etc. There were pumpkins too and a skeleton seated on a rocking chair that had cobwebs galore. In anticipation of Halloween, likely.


Southbound traffic around noon today wasn’t so bad


3 thoughts on “Gallimaufry

  1. Re your son’s association–dyslexic kasi tayo 😉

    Re a skeleton seated on a rocking chair that had cobwebs galore–asked my friend to take a picture of me then put a caption “Waiting for Mr. Right.”

    You’re welcome! Thanks for coming–made me so happy to be in the company of friends yesterday (and you know I only have a few…er, two? 🙂 ). Incidentally, it was senior citizens’ day yesterday so the two senior mommies got 50% off their bill! Sulit kasi super enjoy si mommy. Sana kayo rin.

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