Ramen Nagi in SM Aura and then some

I’ve been wanting to try this ramen place because I’ve read about how good it is. Months back, we were already about to get a table when son said, “It’s too tight here”.

But this morning, he said maybe we should check out if I wouldn’t find the place too cramped, and so we went.  It was not 11 am yet but we decided to have lunch just so we’d be assured of a table. And I’m glad we did.

Son ordered the one with red soup base, husband the original, and I the black soup base, not from garlic but from squid. i asked for a small bowl where I transferred some of the noodles and soup, etc. See, my paralysis is such that I cannot bend well enough to devour the noodles. So I hold the cup with my left hand for the soup and noodles not to have to travel too far. I didn’t realize I was getting messy until the waiter offered us paper bibs! Oops, I had some black thingies on my blouse by then, I realized. Luckily, I wasn’t wearing a white one and the bib really helped. Son and husband refused the bib offer. This is the second time in my adult life that I wore a bib in a resto. The first time was in Healthy Shabu-shabu years back.

The ramen and broth were delicious. I chose the belly part for my meat, the waiter guided me on what to check in the piece of paper that itemized the different facets of the ramen I ordered. I ordered extra egg (my order didn’t come with any) and extra belly.

The belly was thick and huge, unlike in other ramen places where the meat is thinly sliced. A slice was maybe half an inch thick. The yolk of the egg was not too yellowish or orangy, I didn’t find it as good as in other ramen places. But the broth and noodles were really good. I would like to go back to Ramen Nagi again, just as I would like to eat in Ippudo again. And Ukkokei except that the latter has no mall beside it where we could cool off before or after having our ramen.

We ordered gyoza which happily had no ginger. It had lots of onions and was served on a bed of bean sprouts!

The meal was so satisfying I didn’t crave a dessert afterward. There was fresh garlic and a garlic press on every table, among other condiments. Some photos:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Topmost photo – the red box contained the garlic, the second phot is of  the place mat. ON the second row, the photo on the left is of my ramen, beside it the belly slices. Third row, the egg.


After lunch we went to L’Indochine where I bought some Christmas presents. Some items were sold at discounted prices. Husband saw some books and I was about to buy one of them when son said, “I don’t think you can.” They were props of the store which had bought them in National Bookstore. When we went to NBS, the books were out of stock. 😦

Each cost P545. I simulated ordering from Amazon for shipping here. Doing so would cost me P1k for one book, P1.8k for two books. So I shall wait. The lady who attended to me in L’Indochine promised to ask her boss if the books could be sold. She said she’d get in touch with me by Tuesday.


What is the book about? CLick on this link to find out. 🙂


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