Nothing earthshaking but might matter:

a. Mercury Drugstore – Asked HHA to pick up the medicines I had prepared in Mercury Drug. She said upon coming back that the clerks in Mercury were advising everyone they’ll no longer accept returns or exchanges. I have yet to verify but, if true, we shouldn’t buy too many of a medicine, say antibiotics, lest we have an allergic reaction to it. Antibiotics cost and if you cannot exchange them for something, what will you do with the excess you cannot drink without getting a reaction?

b. Ramen Nagi – we heard it maybe twice or thrice from different servers: No takeout. Usually that policy is applied to buffets, but why here?

My guesses:

i. Food quality might deteriorate if eaten hours after takeout and “destroy” the resto’s reputation

ii. Resto doesn’t want to spend on takeout containers 🙂

The first resto that refused our request to pack our leftover food was Senju in Edsa Shangrila Hotel. I think they eventually relented but let us sign a waiver? Cannot recall now.

In Ukkokei or some other ramen place, takeout was allowed but not of the tamago. I guess it spoils easily?


2 thoughts on “Caveats

  1. Labo naman if it’s their mistake, they should “pay the price.” Buti the policy wasn’t yet implemented when I got the wheelchair with fixed arm rests!!!

  2. Yes, about Mercury Drug. They told me the same thing last time I was there. Kaso nakakainis kasi previous to that, I had to return mom’s med kasi instead of 100mg, they gave me 400mg. I found out only when I got home, e sa shang pa yun (nag complain daw ako?! haha!). Their fault. Tapos mag implement sila ng no return policy. Lesson: it pays to be OC.

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