I first read about it in the FB post of a friend of my son. He was reminiscing about it after a year out of college and I was curious. When I mentioned this to son, he said he had tried out the place which had a stall in the Blue School in fact. But by then, son was also already working so I couldn’t ask him to buy for me.

A year or so ago, I learned Rodic’s delivers. It’s based in UP but also has branches in Teacher’s Village and Makati, I think. Minimum order for delivery was P1k but considering how cheap their food is, one has to order a lot to reach the minimum. I think I did just that with Rufo’s when it wasn’t in KAtipunan yet, just so I could try Rufo’s fare. But I think, the minimum requirement was not a thousand.

This morning I called Rodic’s and nearly backed out from ordering when I learned that the minimum was still P1k. But I was so curious I decided to order P1k worth, rationalizing that I could freeze the rest for the next few days.

Thus far I’ve tried the pork barbecue and the dinuguan and the guinisang gulay (togue, carrots, cabbage). What can I say? I’m no longer puzzled as to why it is such a hit.

For one, the servings are ample. Prices range from P85-P95, I think. The veggies cost P45. I ordered tapsilog for HHA and HHB, I didn’t try mine yet as I was more curious about the dinuguan and the barbecue.

Wow, the barbecue was tender. It was a silog dish, ergo it came with rice and fried egg. I ate one stick, choosing the one with a tiny bit of fat at the end. I wanted more and started eating the second stick. Alas, no fat there. I didn’t finish though as I was full, having eaten some dinuguan too. Sarap!

To meet the P1k requirement I also ordered caldereta, menudo, liempo.

No delivery charge.


Now if only they’d lower the minimum for delivery.

Contact number in QC for delivery: 9206980


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