Roomate Season 2

The dynamics are interesting: there’s a Japanese, a HongKong-er, Jung Ok, the 46-year old “hippy” (okay, I know I”m old, hence the term), the showbiz newbie (just a month since her launch), the girl band member, and the comedienne as new members.

The young man from HK is more open, more confident despite his youth. And he is always hungry. Two episodes have shown him being part of the twosome and then threesome that went out for food after midnight. But in front of Nana and Gayeon, he was rather shy.

Jung Ok is the season’s Mama Shin who directs the rest, maybe unwittingly, because of her age and aura as a no-nonsense person.

Lee Dong Wook removes his cap and is told to  put it back on because he looks ugly during the picnic. LDW, ugly? Of course not. He was called The White Pig in the army, he said. Yippee, that means he won’t disappear from the showbiz firmament because he has been in the army.

They’re about to play parlor games at the picnic. Interesting. There seem to be so many different kinds that they know. They play 369. In case you aren’t familiar with the game (I wasn’t until I saw how they played it), it’s counting off, taking care not to say the numbers 3, 6, 9 and any number with any of these 3 among the digits. Punishment is to get the ball hurled far away and bring it back to the group.

I’ve been laughing my head off, first at Ryohei and then at Jackson. See, Ryohei is a volleyball player so he tossed or served the ball really far, far away when Jackson lost the game.


Such a contrast to how I was yesterday, crying my heart out while watching Glorious Day’s last episode. No, it wasn’t really sadness that sparked the tears but a happy kind of sad at the thoughtfulness, care and love going around among the characters. I almost wanted to be part of the family.

In contrast, Jang Bori also ended today but did not draw out too many tears from me. It was all right except for one detail. The lady in the peach farm. Why that face? Too, too contrived. Otherwise, the ending was good… deliverance, repentance, etc.


To go back to Roommate Season 2, Episode 3 is fun. Particularly Part 5. Watch it here where English lessons are the order of the day.

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