Blade Man

Think Wolverine except that the claws do not emanate from the arm or wrist but from the back.

Think Lee Dong Wook in Hotel King, so serious and often angry, sometimes only his cheeks’ muscles moved (reminds me of a houseboy we had before whose cheeks were as active).

Think Lee Dong Wook in Roommate – are the two one and the same? LDW in Roommate is funny.

Lee Dong Work stars in Blade Man and here he’s angry in a funny way. His wavy bangs do not help any in making her angry funny.

I’m glad I saw him and am still seeing his funny side in Roommate otherwise, I won’t be able to associate the LDW in Hotel King with the LDW in Blade Man. A bit outre but quite amusing. If the director’s intent was to scare me and other viewers, he doesn’t quite succeed. If his intent, however, was to amuse, then he is succeeding, thank you.

Other plus points of BM in the first few minutes of the first episode is the presence of Lee Min Sook (yes, Susan, I had to look up her name, it didn’t pop out of my lazy brain). Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 21.48.15She is a housekeeper here, a most elegant one. Her elegance is innate.

The leading lady is this girl:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 21.50.06

I cannot quite bring myself to like her because she treated him so shabbily in When a Man Loves a Woman (When a Man Falls in Love):

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 21.51.16

I cannot quite forgive her and even gave up watching that series because I couldn’t stand the way she treated Song Seung Heon.

Crazy, I know.

So there. I think I just might enjoy Blade Man, the girls’ presence notwithstanding. I might even forgive her if she’s a good person in this series.

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