Some time ago, I think I blogged about someone who from out of the blue, though we had been FB friends for a long time, suddenly sent me a private message, asked how I was and said because you look…. I was skeptical, what did she mean by that open-ended sentence? She was US based, was she coming to town? But why the unfinished sentence? Then she mentioned this diet thing she was connected with and asked where I live. Uh-oh. She furthered that she had a friend who works nearby who can supply me that thing.To cut a long story short, I said I wasn’t into those things. End of story. We’re still FB friends but she hasn’t sent me a PM since.

Same thing with another FB friend. She asked for my number. Yes, she was selling something. I politely declined.

A few days ago, someone(let’s call her X)  told me that someone (Y) wanted to visit me – which was fine. I love this person (Y) and have known her for years. But, Y told X she’d be coming with Z1, Z2 and Z3. I know Z1 and Z2 but that’s it. I know them but beyond exchanging smiles OCCASIONALLY in the past, we had not relationship with each other. So why?

They are old people so it’s not that they’re  going to sell me anything. Next conjecture? I am exhibit A and a curiosity because of my disability. The last time we saw each other some 40 years ago, maybe farther back, I was ambulant.

Thus, this sudden interest in seeing me was suspicious. They want to see me so they can talk about me when they go back to where they come from? No, thanks.

I do not wish to be a subject of scrutiny, much less derision. Remember, my pegs have been Greta Garbo and Thomas Pynchon, visibility wise? And this list provides 8 other names and my favorite recluse now is Bill Waterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes.

Of course, with friends, real friends, I can be gregarious and funny/ridiculous. But otherwise, leave me to my K dramas where I alternate between crying and laughing.. and just having a generally good, happy, time. Leave me to my Candy Crush, Kindle, cross-stitch, etc.

My suspicion was confirmed by X and Y regarding the Zs when I asked outright.

See? mwahahahaha


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