Todd’s Food Hall

This was where we had lunch today:

Around 10 am, I had called to reserve but was told their allotment for reservations (50% of tables available) was full, ergo I couldn’t reserve but I could try my luck, which we did.

Initially, we were given a table for two, though we were three, as there was none available for 3. I mulled over what to order therefore as the table was a bit small for what I had in mind – paella and hanging tender. Add to that what husband and son would order.

Shortly after husband ordered classic burger and I, hanging tender, a food server said there was a table for 3 available. I was so relieved as it meant I could order my paella. Son ordered nigiri that was beautifully presented, like a stairway. But that’s getting ahead of the story.

Though son said no need for appetizer, I ordered the guacamole lobster dip and was glad I did because it was quite good and was son’s favorite, as it turned out.

The verdict:

As stated, son liked the lobster guacamole dip best.

Husband and I found the paella risotto really good. Son also liked it.

Son enjoyed the nigiri except for the one on the highest step of the ladder – the seared foie gras. I’d have gladly eaten it for him but thought it would be good for him to try it. He found it too overwhelming.

My hanging tender – it was okay but not equally tender. There were portions that were a bit chewy. The bone marrow it came with – Gaita Fores’s Grace Park makes it better and Rambla also. In terms of quantity, TFH’s bone marrow exceeds the two’s own but taste-wise, it seems wanting. The flavor is confined to the exposed part. When one digs deeper, it’s just fatty.

Husband found the classic burger dry.

I forgot, we ordered the dessert – OMG, I think, it is called. It’s quite good. It’s like a chocolate festival in that there are different representations of chocolate in it – ice cream, milo crumbs, something mousse like. The one I least liked were the crumbs which were rather bitter.

Some photos. OH before I forget, water was cold but son said it tasted like some chemical had been put into it. So I didn’t even try it. Son ordered bottled water instead. And note how less than half-filled our glasses with water are. That’s as little water as they put in. Maybe, not too many people fancy their water hence the quantity? Or is that how it’s done in NY?

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

the lobster dip

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5the desset

We want to go back because we have yet to try the pasta and pizza, or make that, son has yet to try those. I’ll opt for non-Italian fare or the paella again when we go back.


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