Odds and Ends, very random and unconnected ones

Had a McDo lunch yesterday. Blame it on the subliminal effect of TV commercials. Would have wanted to try the McRibs but was told it’s at the pilot stage, so no delivery. Girl on the other end offered mac ‘n cheese. Not bad but a tad dry. Cost P39. Really cheap, I thought. Then I saw it. Maybe 2 tbsp worth? 3 tbsp? a quarter cup?


Rodic’s caldereta – finally had the one I ordered last week heated. I think it has coconut? Don’t like. 😦


HHA cooked the scallops I bought some time back. In shells. Baked using the recipe TPS shared. Last week, when I had scallops, shelled ones, prepared, son and I were raving. This time, son got to try it first and said it tasted sea-like more than did the last time.

When I finally tried one, I agreed. I lifted one scallop from the shell. Saw an orange thing and a black thing. Got a second scallop. Flipped it again. Decided to try to remove the black thing and it tasted a whole lot better, look ma, no sea-like taste.

TPS, did you remove the scallops from the shell and get rid of the black, soil-like thing? HHA didn’t. Was she right? Was I?

When I went to Rustan’s this afternoon, the guy there said no need to remove the black part. So now I’m confused. And 8 pcs cost only P109! A kilo costs P398? SO much cheaper than what I got in Makati (Rustan’s) which cost P500 plus shelled.

If anything, I’m relieved HHA knows how to cook it without making it chewy. Thanks to your tip that the scallops are done as soon as the cheese bubbles!


Rustan’s s S&R

In terms of customer service, R is a mile ahead. A light year ahead. Months back, when we were buying cold cuts and sausages galore, I asked one of the clerks in S&R Shaw if they had ice for sale. He shook his head. IN Rustan’s this pm, Rod, who had bagged my groceries weeks ago and was following us around just in case we needed help, volunteered to get ice for our purchases which we put in an S&R thermal bag. Now that’s service. We didn’t ask for it (the ice), but we got it. way to go!


Earlier as we were in Wilson Greenhills prior to going to Makati, Mang Roger said we’d just take the Mandaluyong Bridge to Makati because EDSA would be bad. We got to Makati in half an hour, traffic only along Laurel Street. MR had a thought. If Lee Street weren’t one way, traffic would be less.


Along one of the streets in Mandaluyong, I saw Ben’s Burjer. Had I known of its existence in the area, I’d have been able to instruct MR to stop so I could try it.  Remember how that originated? Note, the spelling is not a typo.

I think it was along Barangka Drive hence my taking a screen shot



The good news is that UBER works and so many are extolling its virtues.

The bad news is that government is stepping in. How? By impounding UBER vehicles. Read the article here.

The riding public is protesting , but according to LTFRB, “public safety is their primary concern, as it is their ‘mission to… improve transportation options and consumer safety.’ LTFRB said they have also received complaints from taxi operators about competition arising from Uber vehicles.”

Wonder how UBER works in other countries and how their governments are taking it. Can’t a compromise be worked out? Here’s something that works but/and/so… (pls complete the sentence as you see fit)


Philip Stein watches

A few days back, I went inside Washington in Power Plant and announced I need to have the battery of my watch replaced. Without yet seeing my watch, the girl said “P500.” I balked. See, the last time i had a PS watch battery replaced, I was charged P350.Come to think of it, years back, I was waiting in Swatch Shang while HHB had the battery of a non-Swatch watch replaced in Washington. When she came back, the Swatch guy asked how much it cost. He shook his head saying “mahal talaga dun”. I think Swatch was selling a similar battery at 2/3 the price?

To go back to Washington in PP, when the watch man saw my watch, he said it was too tight to be opened. He then said to bring it to 6750.

I don’t like going to 6750. Its image is that of a rich man’s enclave and I’m always scared someone is on the prowl watching out for those coming from it to  strike a hold up. So I thought I’d just go to shang. The reason I didn’t was that husband and son must have grown tired of the mall so that each time I ask where we’d go, they’d name any other mall but Shang.

when we went to SM Aura, there was a PS store there but they didn’t replace batteries. I said “matigas ba? Sa Washington, sabi matigas.” The girl told me PS watches can only be opened by PS service centers. There seems to be a standing  but unwritten rule to the effect.

Going to PS in Shang was my one other pressing errand (the two others were the bike accessory and the wallet of son – this one not in the original list of errands). AT Lucerne, second floor of Shang, I again announced I needed to have the battery replaced (just so the spirits of the universe agree with me that it’s just the old battery that caused the watch to stop functioning and not some complex defect). I told the lady in Lucerne about my Washington experience but she was silent, a woman of few words, apparently.

She replaced the battery after telling me my watch had scratches. I have to go to 6750 to have the scratches buffed away (there goes that number again).

Price of battery: P250.


I mentioned buff and suddenly I remembered there was one thing I wanted to share with you. Husband has this gamuza shoes. He being more vain than I, he wanted the imperfections addressed. He went to MR. Quickie which said it didn’t have the wherewithal to solve the problem. WHen we went to ECCO to check out shoes, one of us mentioned the issue. Husband, likely. The clerk there (Remember, ECCO is an SSI store, ergo, personnel are well trained) said the eraser might work, not just any eraser but the shoe eraser they sell. No guarantee though.

Husband got one. He tried it. ON the day he did, it didn’t seem to have any effect, but by the day following, his shoe looked better. I guess a gestation period is needed?

So there. For gamuza material shoes and bags, get an eraser.

Aside: is that how gamuza is spelled?


4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends, very random and unconnected ones

  1. “mission to… improve transportation options and consumer safety” — I feel safer in an Uber car than in an ordinary cab.
    “LTFRB said they have also received complaints from taxi operators about competition arising from Uber vehicles” — Competition is good for the consumers. Could it be LTFRB is stepping in to protect their own, uhmmm, “interests”?

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