Serendipity? God’s hand?

The other day, I thought of getting the Wheelmobile so I could do some errands, basically, just two that I wanted out of the way. Does that ever happen to you? The errands aren’t urgent but you just want them over and done with?

So I texted Marife of WM who said it would be available on Thursday. Yippee. I specified I wanted the regular vehicle, not the other one which is UBER expensive. Uh oh, that word – Uber, but that deserves another post.

In the days leading to today, I tried to line up other errands to rationalize the whimsical decision. What better than a call from son to the effect that “could you (meaning I) have the top of the piano checked to see if his wallet were there?” The said wallet contained his money, credit card, parking card, and most importantly, his driving license!!!

Side story. Months back, a vehicle sideswiped us. This was in the dead of night along BLue Ridge. We stopped, the other vehicle stopped. There was a checkpoint of sorts in the area. Police came to us. Then husband remembered: he hadn’t brought his license. So he said to the man in blue, “SIge na lang, okay lang.” That was a close call, right?

That son’s forgetting his license today when the WM was coming made me decide I should bring it over to him. He demurred, I insisted and told him to protest no more. He didn’t text back.

But prior to going to him in Makati, there was another urgent errand. I should have said 3 instead of two in the first paragraph. the all important errand was something I was a tad apprehensive to do: a meet up. The last time I did that was in super familiar territory: Cafe Provencal in Shangrila where I know the waiters have my back. And guess what that meet up was for? bag holders. Blush. I liked the designs being offered by that seller. Through Multiply. Hahaha, do you still recall what Multiply was about?

To go back to today, my meet up was for a bike accessory. I haven’t yet bought son a birthday gift and felt compelled to do it myself, the meet up I mean. Got info from my nephew who recommended Bikedilla. I sent a personal message to the site owner who responded immediately. I mistakenly thought from our exchange of messages that he had yet to source the item and was rather surprised when I got a message saying he’d been waiting for me since Saturday to pick up the trainer. Oops.

Truth to tell, I was a bit scared of him because in a previous exchange, he laid out the rules for any transaction. The first one stunned me. It went:

“I get stuff for you without a deposit, therefore confirmation is binding. Once i have the item you are obliged to buy it or risk losing business with me. You will also get negative feedback among the different bike buy and sell sites.”

I expressed my apprehension to son who said he could get it himself. But I thought better to put myself at risk than my son. Besides, I’d be with Mang Roger of WM.

To cut a long story short, this morning I was in Mc DO at Wilson Street. I called to inform the seller who sounded really groggy. He quickly apologized that he had just awakened and hadn’t seen my earlier text, I presumed. I asked if we should just reset the meet up but he said he’d be around in 5 minutes.

And he was. He texted or called (I can’t remember) that he was at the site already, I was about to send HHB to him when Mang Roger offered. I gave him the payment which made him balk. He said, “SIya na lang papuntahin niyo dito, baka delikado.” See? The paranoia was not exclusively mine.

MR walked to the seller’s vehicle, prompting the seller to approach us with the box. When I saw him, I was relieved. He’s a doctor (I gathered that from reviews in his olx site) and was about my son’s age. I asked if I could take his picture to show my son.

He agreed.

I’ll convince my son from hereon in to buy stuff from Bikedilla. The trainer we got was at least 500 pesos cheaper than in stores.

My son has yet to come home to check the stuff. But seller assured me I could have it replaced if there’s anything amiss.

After the meet up, we went to Makati to hand over son’s wallet to him.

Then Shang. But that merits another post.


3 thoughts on “Serendipity? God’s hand?

  1. My nephew said as much – baka daw na scam dati kaya strict. Did I tell you that ThinkGeek refuses to accept orders from the PHilippines? Not even if you have the stuff delivered to Johnny Air? Parang may allergy ata sila sa atin. Siguro may nagawa na naman tayong di kanais-nais.

  2. Ganun talaga mga online sellers — usually may stern warning. Marami rin kasi ang nag-oorder, then at the last minute magbabago isip. It’s frustrating. Dati I’d get mad and lash out at the buyer; ngayon, dedma na lang. Madadagdagan lang wrinkles ko. Hahahaha!

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