Shangrila on a Monday

We were the only ones in Woo Galbi, just my husband and I. Husband ordered grilled galbi, I ordered tabletop galbi. And though the server suggested I get the boneless ribs, I paid no heed and got the beef belly. I should have listened to him, I realized.

The beef ribs were thinly sliced, but not as thinly as sukiyaki. And it had ligaments. I nearly choked on a few strings  a couple of times. Arrgh. SO why did I not listen to the server to begin with? The belly was P200 cheaper than the ribs. Serves me right, I know. Tigas ulo kasi.


Bought plastic containers for stuff we’re trying to organize in one room in the house. True Value has them at 50% off; at Howard’s, a different brand was selling at 30% off. We opted for the TV ones. They were bigger.


On the ground floor of the old Shang wing in front of Rustan’s, Lock & Lock had a stall. Boxes with six pieces (and note, these doesn’t mean 3 of the 6 are covers) cost just P500! Boxes of 3 were at P250. Yes, 50% off. I was tempted to hoard because L&L containers, those that are supposed to be airtight, are really airtight. The colorful containers for storage were selling at 50% off. I was tempted to get but husband said those aren’t airtight. Ants got to his chocolates stored in one of the smaller, colorful ones. I guess these colorful ones are meant for dry goods like blankets, toys, etc.


Later on the east wing, husband asked where do we go? And then I asked, what floor don’t we usually visit? Ah, first floor. But, I said, the brands there aren’t cheap, so what floor? Second. Husband got a sweater from Perry Ellis. Shoes at Clarks were too small for him (he’s a size 12 or 13). And then husband said, “PF Chang.” It was only then that I remembered son’s saying said resto was due to open in Shang. I guess it did without our noticing, months back. Had enjoyed our one and only meal in PF Chang Serendra but haven’t gone back. Now that it’s in Shang, I think we will go there one of these days. They have lunch sets at, hold your breath, P295. One of those sets I remember is sweet and sour pork. Husband was reading out a few others and these had ginger, which was why he was reading them out, quipping – “my favorites”.

Speaking of ginger, HHA says our dogs also set aside ginger when they see these in their food. What do you say? Husband doesn’t like ginger, neither do I, and neither do the dogs. Any connection?

3 thoughts on “Shangrila on a Monday

  1. Hahaha, all alone you must be eating that again? Or do S and D also take it? Reading your comment, I wonder if the balbacua is similar to the bakwa in Singapore? And yes, kansi is popular as a Bacolod delicacy but the one I tried in a Bacolod resto here didn’t taste so good. PIty.

  2. My dog doesn’t like ginger either.
    I used to despise (despise talaga?) ginger, but when we moved here, nagustuhan ko yung kansi (balbacua in Bacolod?), which has ginger, and I’ve liked ginger ever since. Ngayon ang sabaw ng tinola at pesa na niluluto ko, parang salabat sa anghang. 🙂

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