I have had a love-hate relationship with ABest, a courier service that picks up what you have to send without charging extra for the service. The branch I use is that in Prince David along Katipunan.

Its rates are lower than LBC’s and JRS’s. ❤

Its personnel are polite and pleasant, even when I said I’d never patronize them again.What happened that had me so miffed then?

I sent a package to my cousin in Negros. You know how it is in many provinces – houses don’t have numbers,  couriers/postmen get by by asking around and then memorize where whoever lives. Our house has no number in Negros, we just say whatever establishment lies beside it.

Back to the package I sent my cousin. Sent it days before his birthday. Was wondering why my proper cousin didn’t acknowledge receiving it at all. SO I asked. And he said he hadn’t received anything.

I called ABest in Prince David and the person who took my call promised to follow up with Bacolod. Before long he sent me feedback – they couldn’t find the house of my cousin, he wasn’t answering his phone. I twas disappointed because what happened to asking around? And besides, why was there no feedback until I asked?

As the package was still in their office in BAcolod, I had it returned to me and this was done the next day. That was quick. I then sent it through LBC which my cousin said delivers to his doorstep.

Another ABest incident – had a package delivered in Dumaguete to a niece. They asked for her number and called her to say they couldn’t find the place where she lived, could she pick up the package from their office? Face palm.

So how did we reconcile? Why?

The other day, I had to send a package to a good friend for his birthday. It was raining hard and I didn’t want to send out either HH lest they catch a cold and get sick beyond a cold.

Emailed ABest – too shy to call after  vowing not to use them again.

The day after, ABest came to pick up the package – a cosmetic bag with some lotion and a hammer can-opener. Charge: P140. This left me a tad surprised because usually, I get charged only P90. But I kept my peace. Shy to reconnect and complain yet again, except via email and I thought, never mind.

A few minutes passed. Doorbell rang. ABest returning P50. Charge was only P90 after all.

So now, I think ABest and I have reconciled. I value honesty tremendously.

ABest Katipunan can be reached thus: (please click on image to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 06.17.04

They read their email and act on it.

Note: this is not a paid write-up. I don’t do those.

For other bits on ABest and other locations check out their Facebook page here

2 thoughts on “ABest

  1. Ganun ba Air 21? Haven’t tried it yet, I think. That has happened to me with JRS also, delayed delivery eh banana cake yun. I guess they’re all the same, one way or other.

  2. Hay, sinabi mo pa. I was singing praises dati re Abest, pero they once delived my package for my parents three days late.

    But what really galled me was when I asked for an item pickup, and when no one came by three in the afternoon, I followed up. The one who replied said that the rider went to pick up the shipment but no one was home. Yet I was there all day — by the window, kung hindi ko man siya napansin, mapapansin sya ng doggie ko. Eventually, dumating yun rider, and when I asked if he went earlier, hindi naman daw. Natututo na sila ng “techniques” ng Air21…

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