Shangrila again!

First stop and most important, the raison d’etre for our going, True Value.

See, we’ve been organizing the house’s mess by putting everything except the house in plastic storage boxes. Okay, I exaggerate but our mess is a house, oops our house is a mess. So many things, nowhere to put them in an organized manner. I’m no Lucy Torres, I’m no Tina Maristela Ocampo who was interviewed by Phil Star decades (that’s another exaggeration) ago, showed how organized she was – everything labeled — and made me green with envy. (And it wasn’t halloween – corny joke).

A few weeks ago, son and husband cleared up the nursery turned storage place turned gym with storage still. That necessitated my buying storage boxes and a shelf so many feet high to put the bins in. But the two didn’t assemble the shelf though they filled the bins.

When we went to TV again, we saw the shelf I had actually wanted to buy but it wasn’t available when I set out to buy. P3k more expensive but sturdier and huger. Haste makes waste, I know. SO we now have two shelves standing side by side, mismatched. And they all have storage bins in them, stuffed ones with no rhyme nor reason. The second shelf was delivered by TV whose delivery people husband asked to assemble the first I had bought.

But we still had a lot to box and so the trip yesterday to Shang and TV. Another shelf (the huge one) and 7 storage boxes. All these is making me poorer. Serves us right for accumulating stuff but not disposing. So lazy. Okay I also have another reason. Looking at stuff from the past makes me feel sentimental/sad/melancholic, so I don’t want to check them out. Still another reason – the last time I did in a major way, I developed hives. Still another reason – genetic? A cousin-in-law said her husband doesn’t like to throw things either and has some of his papers from college. we’re both 58 years old now. Go figure.

But I digress.

At True Value, aside from the shelf and storage bins, I got this nesting belen. P4k original price, but discounted by 70%. So nice. I don’t know yet where I’ll put it — see? Now you know why we accumulate so much stuff – just can’t resist getting nice things sold at discounts.

After True Value, I told husband I was hungry and was it all right to eat dinner already? That was 5 pm. We just had a burger and barbecue for lunch from shoppersville. Yummy, especially the burger.

Husband said okay, we hied off to the M/L level at the East Wing. And this was my view all the time I was eating:

photo 3

AN arse. (Oops, hope you aren’t eating while reading this.) But it’s dead so I guess it’s okay?

PF Chank is so well appointed – consistently. Its Serendra branch and the one in Shang – very old Chinese decor of the military type – I’m not putting this very well, but here’s a photo from Google that should give you an idea of the era of some sculpture in the resto:

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 10.10.48

How was the food? Okay! Though there was a redundancy in what we ordered: kung pao chicken, chicken in lettuce caps, ine one meal? I liked the shrimp dimsum with radish on top. we had the kinchay removed. i also liked the shrimp wtih melon and walnuts. See, I said we had a redundant meal. Leo, our server, was recommending the mongolian beef and I thought we ordered that. Apparently, not. I originally ordered the Vietnam spring roll but was able to cancel it luckily. It had cilantro and ginger, I think, absolute hates of the husband.

Coke was bottomless at P10 more than bottom(ful?) coke.


We had dessert at Sonja’s cupcakes. Our first time in the Shang branch and to actually sit down. we went just once to the Serendra branch but brought what we bought home.

what we got: Death by Chocolate cupcake and mocha cupcake (shared). Husband ordered an Americano and a raisin cookie.

Verdict: DbC was stone hard, like if the plastic fork they gave was the cheap one I get in supermarkets or in fastfoods, it would have broken easily. But they had a tough cookie for a fork and I was extra careful, so it didn’t break. That though didn’t stop me from complaining about how tough it was. Server asked if I wished to have it reheated. Yes, I heartily agreed. And while she said “it’s a refrigerated cupcake” (like ma’am, you’re stupid), it tasted a world better reheated, like lava cake. The chocolate was exactly oozing but it was shiny and yummy, really yummy. The mocha cupcake was a bit boring. Didn’t order red velvet which I don’t like. I can’t see why people go gaga over it. It’s just so dry. at least it was when we got it. Sorry if you’re a fan, but really. Husband agrees with me on that.

An aside: when we were in SM Megamall last week, I was hungry. No one wanted to share my Brownies purchase of 3 for P55, so I gave the two to the elevator lady. when we left the elevator, I ate my 1 and it was so good I wanted to get the two back from the elevator lady. Just kidding but really, that brownie was just so good.

To go back to Sonja, the cookie was tough and dry. I’ll take the refrigerated death by chocolate cupcake anytime, but reheat it please:

photo 2 photo 3

I like the chairs of Sonja’s. They’re mismatched but they work. In the picture on the left, the back of the chair consists of spoons; in the other picture is the number 2.


4 thoughts on “Shangrila again!

    • The first time I tried it, I felt the same and wondered why people were raving. I thought tuloy I was the only one who wasn’t impressed. Try mo ang death by chocolate, but have it reheated. Yun, mas sulit.

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