Stores I like in East Wing of Shangrila

First there’s Gourdo’s (6th floor). Everyone there makes me feel so welcome, they feel like family.

Weeks back, I bought an Iwatani cooker and a roaster (griller?) from their sister company, Living Well, in SM Aura. But they also sell it in Gourdo’s Shang, which was where I first saw both. though we’ve used the set up, there were questions i wanted to ask, so I asked them and these were answered satisfactorily by the Ilonggo lady in the store who remembered my purchases from months back. Amazing. So gracious and helpful. I asked her if they were selling a pan I could use to cook shabu-shabu in and she found me one. what about utensils for the pan? She found me a solid ladle and a slotted ladle (silicon but not expensive). So very good service there, enven if you don’t buy anything. Malu, she remembered the cupcake-themed apron.

Pismo. This is more my husband’s store than mine but I ask questions, I’m makulit, I know.

Last year, husband got a DRONE from the store. Weeks back, there was news one couldn’t use it without a license from some government agency. Whaaaaat??????????

So I asked the lady in Pismo about it, trying to establish whether they had quit selling it because getting a license is no joke. She said the IRR haven’t yet been finalized, the law or ordinance passed (please change the sequence of those two events – I’m too lazy to edit) and also mentioned there will just be zones that will require the license.

Her being up to date on the matter, her not giving me a “what are you talking about” look was impressive.


LG level stores:

I like looking at stuff in the following: Scribe and Me &You. I’ve bought a few things in them, usually for gifts.

yesterday, the Christmas stuff of Tie Me Up Buttercup attracted me, so I asked husband if we could go in. wow, a wrapper costs p255. I told husband, if I buy a wrapper, that will be my gift na. But this was an embossed wrapper. Still.

They also have this Christmas calendar with windows. No chocolates behind those windows, though.

Ribbons so many nice ones. If you have a theme party – pirates, for example, you can get place cards, paltes, etc. from the store. And they have birthday cards specific to milestones: happy 40th birthday, ruby anniversary – stuff like those.

I didn’t buy anything though. Cheapskate I am. they can wrap presents for a P50 fee. Labor only. You’ll have to pay for the wrapper and whatever else you want to adorn your gift with.

This store has a branch in Greenbelt 5.


There’s a store on the LG level too where product knowledge isn’t so good. Sells vinegar et al. Groping for answers, sad. At  Travel Club too (ground floor of old wing). I was looking for Lagu but forgot the brand name. Described it, guy said they don’t have it. I said “ayun ho.” He was in denial. I went to where it was and showed it to him. Sometimes, one just have to be insistent/assertive. He did wrap the Lagu in a nice Christmas bag, though.


Finally, Kitchen World. Sheila was so nice, showing me stuff, explaining how to use them. He showed us tongs that remain closed or lock up when held at a 90 degree angle or higher. Logical – if you have something between them, you won’t want it to drop on the floor.

Happy shopping. What I mean is, I’m happy shopping……


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