8 Cuts Burger

Last week, asked son where he wanted to eat. He said “8 cuts” in Mega Fashion Hall. I said yes but when we saw Tuan Tuan with its many flowers marking its opening, we were lured. And we didn’t regret it.

Yesterday, as we were hard put to decide where to go and I had just seen 8 Cuts in an issue of Appetite magazine, though I didn’t read the article on it, I said let’s eat in 8 Cuts.

There were chairs outside where people were waiting and it was just 11 a.m. Uh-oh. Foiled plan? But I told husband (he hates waiting) – let’s just have ourselves listed and wait, anyway it’s early, and he acceded so we had ourselves listed. Wow, number 2? Yahoo, Some 15 minutes later we were in.

Ordered the shroom burger, husband and son ordered different versions. For sides we had french fries with chili and cheese, onion rings, and shrimp poppers. For dessert we had molten something. Oh wow, everything was just so good.

First slice of the burger and a liquid oozed out. Burger was obviously not dry. And it wasn’t dense. It was just so right.  The chili fries were good except that the fries were a bit scrawny and the sauce added a bit too little. But taste wise, good. Onion rings came with no sauce but could have been ordered with any of the toppings available for fries and its ilk. Asked for mayo instead and it served the purpose. Take note, mayo came at no extra charge. (I’ve experienced restos were additional gravy doesn’t come free – never mind KFC which has a right to charge – some people actually drink its gravy). The shrimp poppers – fried in batter, it was laced with a little honey and the sauce it came with was sweetish with mustard and maybe a little cheese? The mustard and honey tastes were more prominent, though, so I am not too sure it had cheese.

The dessert was quite good and what I didn’t like about it was its being served in a bottle with an opening which was a tad small, making dipping into it for the cake portion (it had cream on top) a bit inconvenient.

So there. I have a new burger favorite, I aside from Shoppersville’s: 8 cuts. The good thing is it’s available in our neighborhood – UP Town Center, so I can have my order picked up, if and when I crave for a good burger. Now, if only traffic and parking weren’t messy in the area, we could go there.


5 thoughts on “8 Cuts Burger

  1. McDo and Jollibee charge for their gravy. And laging naiinis si S. Why do they charge daw for so little a thing. And I agree. Buti pa nga KFC, unli-gravy.

    Nakakatakam yung description mo nung burger. 🙂

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