Restos to try out or not?

Okay, I’m soliciting feedback here.

Sui, I know the names of the two restos in E Abada: Jeepney Bistro and Banquito. No one I know has eaten there yet or told me about it. Have you? Has anyone who might be reading this tried either or both? Please share what you think.

Sam Milby’s 3rd District – also in E Abada. It’s a coffee place and too near our house for us to have ventured to it. Well it’s near enough to wheel/walk too, although it’s not that near. Convenient to take the car but is parking easy?


Huat Pot. Was looking at Groupon and the offer on HP was enticing. I love shabu-shabu, that of Healthy shabu-shabu and Ganso Shabuway. I must confess that the first time I tried shabu-shabu was in Tong Yang in megamall. A friend treated and I was a bit taken aback by the set-up and hardly enjoyed it. I have yet to try Kimpura’s hot pot but haven’t because I’m not sure it will have the rich flavors of Healthy SS. Kimpura’s might be too antispetic. Anyone tried it yet? Feedback please?

And Huat Pot’s? Is parking not difficult in front of the resto? Magnum is unlimited but I don’t really care about that as I find the ice cream bar too heavy. I just take a bite and am satisfied with that, I realized, after biting into one. Husband happily consumed the rest. When I buy Magnum at the grocery, I only have son and husband in mind. I don’t partake of it even.

So please,  anyone, feedback on the restos above? Susan?


2 thoughts on “Restos to try out or not?

  1. Sorry, never been to e abada resto, too far away from my place.
    Been hearing a lot of good reviews on Huat Pot. But I dislike eat all you can resto. On second thought, the deal is quite tempting to ignore it. 🙂
    Ganso shabuway is great. Just got a deal here.
    Happy shabu shabu!

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