SM Cyberzone

We used to get our phones in Hello at Shang or Hello at Power Plant when NOkia was our brand of choice.

Then Samsung came into my life and I filed for a divorce from it less than a year later (battery issues, among others). That time I got my unit form Samsung in Eastwood.

Samsung was replaced by an iPhone which I got from Globe and there’s been no turning back since, in my case. That was two years ago.

Now husband has a different story. He’s always had a Nokia and he’s not picky with the model, make that wasn’t. He once got a phone for P2k – a function over form type. Then Nokia began to create Lumia models with really good cameras. That got him going. He bought this model (808) which took really good photos and whenever we’d take pictures of the same place or thing, he’d always show off his shot as better than mine. It was annoying/amusing. Yabang, I’d always tell him.

Then a better model than he already had surfaced. But it was P35k. And he was waiting, waiting, and waiting for the price to drop. Then Nokia sold its soul to Microsoft. Oops, did I say soul? Just kidding. But it did sell out after modeling its phones to have Microsoft Office. And soon the price of the model husband wanted was dropping. Smart had plans such that one could avail of the phone for P12k or P17k, depending on the plan. But when husband went there to get one, he was told they’d check with inventory. And when husband checked again, the security guard told him there was no stock. Beat that, the security guard as customer service guy? This was in Smart Shangrila. Husband was asked by the security guard what his purpose in life was (no, that’s exaggerating – why he was there). When husband said it was to follow up the unit’s availability, guard entered the gates of purgatory, emerged and issued the death knell: no stock.

Husband was downcast — especially when he googled and found out Abenson last sold the Nokia 1020 for just P11 k in August or September. The early bird apparently catches the worm.

Then he noted he could order it from Microsoft for $340. Was mulling over that until yesterday.

After lunch, I suggested we check out Cyberzone. He said but I already did and they didn’t have it. But I was determined. Armed with determination and prayers, I said, let’s ask every store. We asked one, they said  they had none. Then another which told us they’d call on Monday to ask the supplier if there was a unit available. We gave our number. Then I said, let’s ask some more. The next store had it: P23k. As in had it, body and soul. It had not factory charge, so they offered to charge it. Meanwhile we went to another store which was selling it for P17k, but without a hand grip that costs P5k. Excited, we proceeded asking some more stores, but they had none. So we went back to the store charging the unit. The process was taking a bit slow, so we went around, not to check out phones any longer, but to waste time.

Fast forward: Husband now has his phone. He’s beside himself with joy.

Perseverance pays.

Oh no, I’ll get even more ribbed for the photos I take.

Lumia 1020 is a  41 mega pixels phone. my iPhone 4s has less than 10 megapixels, I think.


the 808 Lumia also has 41 mega pixels according to husband but the new phone he has has more features, he claims. Whatever.


6 thoughts on “SM Cyberzone

  1. There was a time when I was mulling the idea of becoming the prodigal daughter of Nokia 🙂 My last Nokia phone belonged to its first qwerty series (E63). It’s still working, after 8 years. Galing! And the battery life was forever! I tried Sony Ericson (I didn’t like it), purchased a humongous Samsung and … had my own share of complaints. Poor battery, fluctuating signal, it hangs from time to time… why can’t SMARTphones be smart and efficient like the good old Nokia? 😉

      • You are tempting me to take the route of Apple. If only money is not a problem haha But I don’t have questions about Apple. All my apple devices are still working. My iPod nano (9 years), iPad2 almost 5 years.

        Maybe I should bear in mind… when you buy expensive goods, you only buy once and avoid those unnecessary stressors in life 🙂

  2. You’re like my husband. Napaka-tyaga. Back in August, I was looking for a phone case, inikot nya talaga ang SM Cebu and Ayala Center kakahanap.

    Inggit ako sa megapixels ng cam ng hubby mo. Just comparing nga lang the pics from my iPhone 4 with my husbands iPhone 5 makes me weep. Well, not really weep, but you know. My only retort is always, “mas maganda composition ko.” Hahahaha! Medyo mapait ano?

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